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All information about Halong Bay – Halong bay Cruises – Premier Travel. Transport, do kayak, all meals include. Free time for swimming, fishing equipment.

All information about Halong Bay are: 

Halong has been voted many times as the best destination when coming to Vietnam.
With multiple options for 1 day, 2 days or 3 days with overnight stay on board. All of these options include hotel pick-ups, meals and activities such as rowing, swimming, and cave visits.

Halong Bay 1 day has 3 routes:

– Line 1: Visit Thien Cung cave and Cheo Kayak at 3 Hang.
– Line 2: Visiting Thien Canh Son cave, kayaking near Cong Do area.
– Line 3: Visit Sung Sot Cave, kayak at Luon Cave, and swim at Titop Island

Some more information about Line 1:

All trains are welcome at the old town or welcome visitors at Tuan Chau wharf. Tuan Chau port is the fastest-growing tourist port and the residence of thousands of cruise ships when it docked here to welcome tourists from around the world.

And Tuan Chau also has a beautiful beach, this is an artificial beach but still attracted a large number of visitors here. Long beach, white sand is transferred directly from Nha Trang. Every day is added and filtered so the sand is always clean and smooth.

Trong Mai Islet

With a height of over 10 meters, it is located on the Ha Long Bay, millions of years. Drum Island, Mai island has been a symbol of Ha Long Bay since 2000.
It is also one of the stamps issued and still used.
Located 5km from Bai Chay Wharf to the Southwest, it is also a symbol of the power of nature and the universe in the struggle to survive the people of Ha Long Bay.

Sung Sot is the name of the largest cave in Ha Long Bay. The reason it was named because in the cave has a beautiful stalactite system and many strange shapes.

Entering the cave entrance, visitors will have to admire and utter by the stunning beauty, so it is called Sung Sot.
In the Sung Sot Cave is randomly divided by two different passenger compartments. The first cave with the ceiling is like white clouds floating against each other. Each of the stalactites visitors like to tell their own story.

Sung Sot Cave is also one of the all information about Halong Bay, by coming to Halong without visiting the Sung Sot Cave is an omission.

Dau Go Cave is closely associated with the historical periods of building and fighting the invaders of the Vietnamese people in the 13th century.
King Tran Hung Dao took this cave as a place to gather pepper piles, each time the tide went down to the king for troops to lay wood palm down, the sea. When the enemy troops advanced and were inside, the tide retreated to the target piles to pierce the enemy’s boat.

And these lumber is also found in this wooden cave and it has the name of Dau Go Cave.
To get inside the cave, visitors must climb hundreds of stone steps. And the guest will be surprised by the beauty that nature bestows on this cave.

In addition to the Sung Sot Cave, Thien Cung Cave is also one of the beautiful caves in Ha Long Bay. And it is one of the caves that are put into exploitation and serve tourists in the program one day.
With many beautiful bamboo shoots, stalactites and stalactites, when it is a herd of elephants traveling in the forest, when it is a lake with fairies bathing, etc.

Titop Island is a small island with a stretch of beach, with panoramic views of Ha Long Bay from Titop top.
The island was named after a Russian astronaut when he came here with President Ho Chi Minh.
On those days, Diêu Titop appeared as a jade between vast white sand and blue sea. The beach is long, clean sand is washed daily by 2 times up and down of the tide.

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