Essential information about Halong Bay

Essential information about Halong Bay included visa, cruises, transport, foods, hotels, what to do in Halong Bay, Halong Bay culture, how to spend the night on boat.

Essential information about Halong Bay

There will be more information for the first time visitors to Ha Long Bay. It will be easy and bring the best, most convenient vacation including:

What are the trips in 2 days or 3 days?

After more than 2 hours driving on the highway, visitors will board and check in. With 2 days 1 night program, the program of most top cruises is the same. Such as kayaking or bamboo boat rowing …

And the special thing about the tour of Ha Long Bay will be visiting Sung Sot Cave.
If you have more time, stay an extra night on the cruise. There will be more time to enjoy the beautiful space, the same mountain scenery right before your eyes. Swimming in cool water, kayaking to witness and touch the natural heritage of the world.

5 best cruise in Halong Bay 

Essential information about Halong Bay in which information about cruises is also more important. Genesis cruise is a top choice. Only 20 rooms with private balcony, luxurious bathtub. Delicious food, warm guide, friendly staff. Different journey, bringing tourists to unspoiled places, clear blue sea.

Coming to Ha Long to feel the classic and romantic, the Garden Bay cruise is a great choice for you. Explore Bai Tu Long Bay, the perfect place, high mountains, rich flora and fauna. And is a very quiet place, suitable for tourists who want to stay away from the hustle of life outside.

President cruise is one of the high quality vessels of Paradise Group.
Has long been affirmed its name and quality. Particularly for President, with 48 fully furnished cabins serving hundreds of guests at the same time.

With 3 separate floors, the first floor with 20 rooms with an area of up to 25m2, the second floor of all rooms is equipped with luxurious furniture, with a standing and standing bathtub creating the most comfort for every visitor.