What to do in 7 days in Hanoi

What to do in 7 days in Hanoi – Day Tours – Vietnam Premier Travel. Visit Hanoi Old Quarter, Ba Dinh Square, enjoy puppet show and Museum of ethnology.

What to do in 7 days in Hanoi as following:

Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam with thousands of years of establishment and development. With a long history, culture and people, you should stop here and have many interesting things to offer.

Day 1: Visit Hanoi Old Quarter 

After a day of arriving in Hanoi, take a break to explore Hanoi at night. Weaving along the long and small streets is a rustic life mixed with old mossy houses. And in it are delicious dishes, distilled from generation to generation to create a unique flavor.

Ta Hien draft beer with many delicious and rustic dishes comes, Ma May Street with papaya mannequin salad with dried beef, vermicelli grilled meat in Gia Ngu street or a glass of sugarcane juice also makes you satisfied.
Walking around Hoan Kiem Lake to learn about the historical story of King Le Loi returning the magic sword to Kim Quy Tortoise, walking through the red The Huc Bridge to enter Ngoc Son Temple.
Walking through 36 streets with many street activities, eating snacks and hurried crossing the street wearing the bustling streets on the streets are the first experiences of visitors on the first day.

Learn about Hanoi’s history on day 2

Hanoi has become the capital of Vietnam since the 10th century. After defeating the Nguyen Mong army, King Ly Cong Uan moved the capital to build and build the capital.
And since then has formed a capital with a long history with many significant works such as the Temple of Literature, many ancient temples and many items of tremendous value.

The temple of literature is considered to be the first university in Vietnam. The school was built in 1070 from the Tran Dynasty.

Ba Dinh square is the largest square in Vietnam and cited as a symbol of the independence of Vietnam and the August Revolution in 1945.

With many different items in this complex such as One Pillar Pagoda, Nha San Lake, Uncle Ho Fish Pond.
A symbol of strength and gratitude of the people of Vietnam is Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum.
It has an important duty to preserve his body, to bow down and to commemorate the great people of the Vietnamese people and the great people of the world.

Hoa Lo Prison is a remnant of war. Visitors can see the fierce and brutal of the former regime, consider when coming here.

Opera House with typical architecture of France but still slightly curved arch of Buddhism. The theater is over 100 years old, gorgeous and charming as the first days of construction.

Finish the second discovery day with a greasy egg coffee.

Visit 36 French Old Quarter in day 3

In fact, there are more than 70 different streets but in the old town there are 36 streets with the characteristics of each profession. For example, Hang Bac Street specializes in manufacturing and selling products made from gold and silver. Or Hang Gai street specializes in silk products, Hang Buom specializes in selling rattan products, etc.

Eating Street foods

As mentioned above, with the separate business-style neighborhoods, the old town has a rich cuisine. And visitors can enjoy the fragrant Bun Cha in Ma May Street. Bat Dan beef noodle soup, vermicelli along Cha Ca mosquito net, vermicelli in Cam Chi street, etc.

Day 4 with all handicraft day

With over 10 centuries of establishment and development, Hanoi has many traditional villages. And Bat Trang pottery village is still the existing and developing craft village.
Every Wednesday, Bat Trang pottery village has a fair. Coming here, tourists have many interesting experiences such as pottery making, choosing beautiful products for themselves.
With hundreds of stalls displaying pottery products with family traditions from year to year, there will be featured products.

As one of the shows visitors should not miss when present in Hanoi. Because this is the most special stage in the world. Performed by underwater artists who manipulate puppets made of jack fruit wood.
Jack fruit wood is a special type of wood, light and does not absorb water. This is a quintessence crystallized from wet rice civilization dating back to the 19th century.
On village festivals, Water Puppet Dance is often performed in the middle of the communal yard.

Day 5 will enjoy culture and Arts

Hanoi is also home to many museums and galleries to better understand culture and people.

Museum of Ethnography

Over thousands of years of establishment and development, Vietnam has 56 ethnic groups. And the most popular are the Kinh and Tay ethnic groups with a rich culture and richness of food, costumes, etc.

Vietnam woman Museum

Vietnam is also one of the few countries in the world that is Matri. Therefore, there is a separate museum to show visitors their strength and many interesting things.

Vietnam National Fine Arts Museum

It is a precious place that preserves an extensive amount of art collections from stone carvings by Cham people, lacquered statues or effigies of Buddhist monks and Buddha, contemporary art as well as folk-naive paintings. Come here to witness the essence of the ancient Vietnamese.

Day 7 for relaxation

Escape the noisy streets and narrow streets, breathe the fresh air in riverside villages.
Where there are simple and hospitable farmers, wild and nutritious food.
and become a genuine farmer, with a buffalo and a plow, harvesting rice, growing vegetables, etc.