What is special about Bac Ha fair?

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Overview what is special about Bac Ha fair?

Coming to Sapa and ignoring Bac Ha market is a huge omission for all visitors. This is a market that truly portrays the daily life of the people in the Northwest.

Coming to the market will be a spice world such as chestnut, anise, fruit … to the special handmade items.
And there are also livestock animals such as buffaloes, cows, pigs, chickens … can be found in this market.

How to know about the time to visit

One of the largest highland markets in Vietnam, usually takes place on Sundays of the week, 65km from Lao Cai town.

The market still has the trade and exchange of local products, everyday appliances. The market is also a place to meet, exchange and exchange of girls and boys.

The honesty, the true nature of the ethnic people make tourists more attracted, they have something to sell, no bargaining, noisy. And this time is also the opportunity for them to wear the most beautiful traditional dresses with a cheerful, happy.

In the past, the market used to be held in the open land, gentle hillsides but now it has been converted into separate business areas.

Regional specialties

Talking about Bac Ha fair, indispensable and indispensable dish, specialties associated with Bac Ha fair. This has been a favorite food of the H’Mong people for hundreds of years

After a round of shops in the fair, eyes with many items of highland people, enjoying the hot and fragrant bowl of victory is nothing. More specifically, winning food must be associated with drinking corn wine, the highland said. And if you want to know if this is true or not, try once to the Bac Ha fair.

Speaking of Bac Ha, it is impossible not to mention Thang Co, a traditional dish of the H’mong people.
To make Thang Co bowl hot and fragrant, apart from the main thing, the horse’s young heart is the spice that only this market has.
There is also a drink with the hot Thang Co, a cup of corn wine grown on high, sunny and windy high tops.