Watter Pupet Show

Watter Pupet Show – Hanoi City Tour – Vietnam Premier Travel. Departure everyday, enjoy street foods, do cyclo. The puppet show open from 9.00 to 9.00pm

Highlight of Watter Pupet Show in Hanoi

The art of water puppetry has been crystallized from Vietnamese wet rice civilization. It is the art form that shows the most clearly the daily life of the community and the spiritual life of the Vietnamese people

This is a must see and worth watching program. They suggest that if tourists have not seen it means they have not been to Hanoi.
In every performance, it will take viewers into a peaceful world, leaving the busy worries of life.

Water stage is arranged right in front of the audience with an array of ethnic instruments. The artist controls the puppet with a long stick, hiding behind a thin curtain, cleverly transforming into a character to take viewers from surprise to surprise.

Sketch of puppets

As mentioned at the beginning of the lesson, the puppets are all made empirically. From lines, colors to shaping are natural, bringing village architecture. Painting materials, colors are very simple.
They tinkered with themselves and developed that to tell the nature of the people, pass on the experience and gradually to the embryo of development and maturation.

Water puppet stage is the space in front of the game room. The booth, the stage is equipped with flags, fans, elephants, parasols, votive gates … The show is very bustling with lyrics, drums, crows, horns, and inserts of mouse cannon, ascension artillery, open cannon flags from under the water, in the shimmer and the fanciful smoke screen.

For Vietnamese people, water puppetry is an indispensable spiritual dish. Every holiday or festival, not only come here to enjoy the artist’s talent. It is also a place of exchange of boys and girls in the village, of the ladies.
A cultural beauty in the cultural life of wet rice of Vietnamese people in general and the property of humanity in particular.