Trang An – Everything you need to know

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How Trang An – Everything you need to know

Trang An with a limestone system has a geological age of up to 250 million years. Over millions of years physical change and climate change have created valleys, caves and lakes.
Due to the diversity of geomorphology and geology, 2014, Trang An has been recognized by Unesco as a dual world heritage. This protected area includes many ecosystems such as submerged forest ecosystem, limestone forest, archaeological sites and historical and cultural relics.

It is the diversity and complexity of the system of limestone mountains, rivers and streams that King Dinh Tien Hoang chose and built the capital in the 10th century. And continues to be used by the Tran Dynasty as the Vu Lam palace in the war of Mongolia. .

Trang An is also planned with Hoa Lu – Tam Coc – Bich Dong – Hoa Lu to become a big tourist area. Attract visitors with outstanding values of natural landscape, geological and historical tectonic.

Geographical location

Located about 3 km south of Hoa Lu, 7 km from Ninh Binh and Tam Diep city. Covering an area of more than 6,172 ha, is a special protected area.

Located in a central location, Trang An Landscape is connected to Hoa Lu in the North, Tam Coc Bich Dong in the South is connected by Hoa Lu Special Area on limestone mountains.
There are also attractions to visit here are Hang Dance, Dam Van Long …

Natural landscape

The cave system is extremely rich and beautiful, with up to 31 lakes connected to 48 caves. Especially, Dia Linh Cave is a 2 km long waterway cave, Sinh Duoc cave and Hang May cave.
All caves have stalactites, still in the process of forming stalactites. The inside of the cave is cool, wet and the stalactites are beautiful.

Each cave also has its own story, sometimes mysterious when it is historic. For example, at the Ruin of Wine and Hang Com, archaeologists find many jars, jars, pots, and other brewing tools.
Going through Com mountain, turning to Vong cave, Lang cave, Ao Trai cave, there are old trees rooting at the mouth of the cave, etc.


There are two main types of ecosystems: limestone mountains and water bodies. Biodiversity is a major factor that makes up these two ecosystems. It all blends together to create a rare and wonderful region of the world.

History, culture

The prehistoric community of Trang An settled in caves or rock roofs, concentratedly distributed in the limestone marsh valley, under the great impact of environmental landscape changes due to the advancing seas, regressive sea. The prehistoric inhabitants here were the first people to access and exploit the sea in Vietnam, creating a combination of limestone labor tools, maintaining a long-term roughing industry, and soon saw sawing techniques. grinding; Fabrication and common use of pottery. The rich and varied historical archaeological evidence in Trang An is a real source of material evidence for the special economic, cultural and social changes of the population here. impacts of changing limestone mountain environment, changes of ancient climate, of sea level in tropical monsoon regions.