Things to know when traveling to Hoian

Things to know when traveling to Hoian – Hoian Day trip – Vietnam Premier . Hoian is already a destination for all visitors when they are here. Hoian attracts all visitors by beliefs, cultural festivals and long-standing customs.Hoian since the 17th century has become a bustling town hall, the trading place of many merchants from European and distant countries.

Things to know when traveling to Hoian 

Where is Hoian?

Hoi An is located in Central Vietnam area, 860km from Hanoi to the North and 865km from Ho Chi Minh city.
Hoi An is considered a place of cultural interference between the South and the North. And is a place that attracts tourists all over the world by culture, architecture and people.

Hoian weather

With a sea front, Hoian is often affected when summer comes. The average temperature in the summer months averages 35 degrees c. Winter heat is not too cold, averaging 20 degrees c.
There are only two distinct seasons: summer lasts from April to the end of September, the remaining months are winter


There are no routes to Hoian, but very close to Danang so visitors will easily come here.
From Saigon and Hanoi will fly to Danang after more than 2 hours flight. And visitors can easily go to Hoian Ice Taxi or bus.
In addition, visitors can travel by train to Hanoi, Hanoi has SE1, SE2 and the opposite. After more than 8 hours on the train, visitors also have the opportunity to see the life on both sides of the road and beautiful Hai Van Pass. Very important things to know when traveling to Hoian

Where to go in Hoian


Hoian Bridge Pagoda

As a cultural symbol of Hoian, the small temple is located across the river, dreaming. Is the only remnant of Japanese valve.
The pagoda and the bridge are all made of wood and have been carved out to perfection, one face facing the river bank, the head of the bridge has a dog image and a monkey head.

Hoi An lantern

Hoi An is a brilliant night in colorful lights from lanterns, a highlight when visitors are present in Hoian. Every night of the full moon, the Hoai river is lit up by flower lanterns. Each tourist will try to buy himself a Hoian lantern, big or small.

Duy Xuyen silk village

o longer exists but visitors can still learn about silk products. It is resurrected by the talented hand of talented artists. There are products only found here by the quintessence and quality

Tra Que Vegetable Village

Offering a variety of famous spice vegetables in the region, the village of Tra Que tea is alluvial all year round. With special fertilizers by the types of seaweed picked up from the river, the vegetables here have a special flavor.
When visitors come here, they will experience one day becoming farmers. Planting small vegetables by hand, watering vegetables or weeding. And there are also cooking classes, easy and delicious when making homemade rolls or banana flower salads.

Cu Lao Cham Island

Cu Lao Cham is famous for its coral reefs that are still primitive and clear and clean. Visitors here can freely swim, snorkel, watch coral and rest.
15 km from Cua Dai beach with a mild climate, cool year round will be the ideal place for stretching.

Cua Dai Beach

Just 4 km from Hoian old town, almost all resorts have facilities for guests to play and relax. This is also one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Beach bathing, stretching and gentle.