Things to know when going to Cat Ba

Things to know when going to Cat Ba – Genesis Regal Crusies – Halong Bay Crusies – Lan Ha Bay Crusies – Slepping on boat, do kayaking/Bamboo boat

How things to know when going to Cat Ba

Like Ha Long Bay, Cat Ba Island also has similar geological and geomorphological structure. With 367 large and small stone islands in which Cat Ba Island, also known as Ngoc Island, is the most famous.
This area has long been an indispensable destination in the journey to explore Ha Long Bay in general. With an average temperature of only 25 degrees C, many beautiful beaches and fine sand beaches, with primeval forests suitable for all customers.


Cat Co Beach 1 and 2 are the two most natural and clean beaches here, with fine, pure white sand. Whenever the tide goes up or down, the sand here is naturally washed, making the sand cleaner and smoother.

Rolling sea

If the central region has Tram Island, the South has Nha Trang, there is Cat Ba here. The reef has a multitude of red coral clusters, many valuable seafoods such as abalone, pearl, dragon shrimp, colorful fish are ideal places for travelers who can swim and dive deep.

Get a panoramic view of the island from Fortress

This area was built in 1942 to serve military purposes. At present, the area still holds the large artillery shells, and Sea-going cannon used in battles on the island. Through the fortress are the forest canopy, the slopes of poetry are the bunkers, fortifications. This is considered the best place to see the whole bay and watch the sunset and sunrise at sea.

Evening walks on the sea

When arriving at the island and spending the night at the hotel, the evening is the best time to breathe fresh air. Guests can take a walk or rent bicycles, trams along the coastal roads. However, on weekends, all vehicles are banned, so walking is only possible.
Bicycle or tram rental tickets only from 30,000vnd / 1 person.

Visit Lan Ha Bay

Lan Ha Bay is located right next to Ha Long Bay, has the same structure and geology as Ha Long Bay. And today, instead of just spending the night on a cruise in Halong Bay, visitors have made a major move here. The strongest point of Lan Ha Bay is quiet, not too many tourists come here.
Kayaking in this area is a reasonable choice, at Hang Sang, Dark cave or there will be fishermen who canoe.

Visit Monkey Island

This area is on Nam Cat Island, about 2km from Cat Ba Island in a flight way. And that is where nurturing, researching and preserving rare and precious monkeys is included in the world’s red book.
Kayaking here or swimming in the sea is the best thing in the day-to-day discovery program.

Trekking in to the Jungle 

Biosphere reserve of the world, an area with rich flora and fauna. The feeling of walking in the forest, cycling through bushes, fishing in the day is the best experience.