Things to know when coming to Sun World Halong

Things to know when coming to Sun World Halong – Halong Bay Cruises. Vietnam Premier Travel. Slepping on board, do kayaking, swimming.

What are things to know when coming to Sun World Halong

Ha Long Bay not only has activities of sleeping on ships for 2 days 1 night, the next attractive destination must be mentioned is Sun World Halong entertainment complex.
The total area of ​​the complex is 214ha with many party-playing fun items at an international level. The two main items are the coastal entertainment complex and the amusement park on the top of Ba Deo.

Coastal amusement park with many attractive games such as roller coaster, water park, Sea Village …
Giant sea-crossing project with panoramic view of Ha Long Bay by 2km long sea-going cable car. And visitors from here can come to the Ba Deo amusement complex.
At Ba Deo, visitors can participate in fun activities such as visiting the Mysterious Castle, Sun Wheel is the highest ferris wheel in the world.

The best destination in there

Dragon Park, this is a play area suitable for all ages, can come here with the whole family or with young people, couples. Typical attractions include Pirate Ship, Dragon Footprint, Magical Umbrella, Cyclone Dance, Legion Reptile, etc.
Besides, there are restaurants serving delicious and beautiful food. Come to Dragon Park to have the most wonderful feeling.

In the summer, the water park is the best choice for those who like to feel wet all day. The water park includes many adventure parks for those who dare to drop free from a height of 20m with cool and torrential flowing water. On the spiral slides, 360 degrees curl up in the game Super Speed ​​Storm, Dragon Ride, Waterfall, Cyclone, etc.
Like other amusement parks, there are many restaurants in Water Park serving Western, Asian or fast food, …

Artificial beach is located in Bai Chay coastal entertainment complex. The length of the beach is 900m which is open for free. Every summer afternoon here gathered hundreds of people frolic in the cool, green, clean water. There are also many recreational activities here such as windsurfing, kayaking, water motoring or paragliding watching Ha Long Bay in a very unique way