Things to do in Hoian ancient town

Things to do in Hoian ancient town – Hoian Day tour – Vietnam Premier Travel. Do cycling in the coconut village – Do banboo boat.

How to know things to do in Hoian ancient town?

As one of the most attractive destinations on the planet, it’s one of the things that many people report when talking about Hoian. So what is this place that everyone is so fascinated about when talking about this land.

Visit the traditional market

Perhaps the best time was early in the morning, when the stalls began to be sold and awaited the first guests. They offered a fair, laughing and bargaining voice of sellers and buyers.
And in these markets, regardless of what item is affordable, visitors are assured of shopping.
There are also areas for fast food, including a variety of salty or sweet dishes. The famous bowl of hot noodles for breakfast, snacks at the same time are jars of fried squid and peppers. At noon are the fragrant chicken rice plates, eaten with a bowl of fat fat tofu bowl. Or late afternoon is a black jelly dish with water mixed with sweet ginger.

Try making fast clothes and wearing them in just 24 hours.

This is considered a unique feature in Hoian, by the skilled workers, hospitable and extremely gentle. The fabric is easy to wear, cool and extremely fashionable or can be tailored to the liking of each customer. Price is only fluctuating from 50 usd or less for each set of extremely fast sewing in just 24h.
There are also shoes, shoes that are measured in the right size, the most genuine leather and soft, easy to move.
Come here is a time to try the feeling of many visitors have experienced.

Fun to ride cycle in the afternoon

One of the best things to do when you come to Hoian. Take a leisurely ride on the bike, wander in the alleyways, and occasionally stop to buy some junk food on the street.
Biking past Hoian Bridge, the bonbon descends and descends to the Hoai River, overlooking the small city reflected on the river. When entering the darkness, the whole neighborhood seems to wake up, with the house being shimmering colors from the lanterns hanging from above.

Then leisurely led the car on the sidewalk, chatting with new friends. Relying on a roadside tree, listening to Quang folk songs, smiling at the games on the walking street.

Early in the morning is the best time to cycle to the suburbs. This place seems to stop, the green coconut palms and the boats weaving in there to catch fish or bring tourists to explore.
Enjoy a delicious lunch with great food, warmth and hospitality.

There is another pleasure that tourists should take advantage of when having time is cycling to An Bang beach. A beautiful beach is a 20-minute bicycle ride from the city center. A suitable place to sunbathe because the sand here is white, smooth and extremely clean.

Learn to cook in the Tra Que vegetable village

A hamlet village is not too far from the central area, which provides vegetables to the city and nearby markets. But the most famous here is the spice vegetables, probably because this village is located on the banks of the Hoai River. It seems that this place is absorbing the most quintessential that suits it so it has a very unique taste and smell.
A cooking class here is not just for visitors to learn their favorite dishes. They also went to the garden to pick the best vegetables, and also tried to be a poor farmer

Visit My Son Holly Lands

It can also be said that My Son Sanctuary was built at the same time as Angkor Wat temple in Cambodia. UNESCO is recognized as a natural heritage of the world with the ruins dating back to 1500 years old.
Visitors can come here by motorbike or follow the tour, with only about 20 usd that visitors can come here to admire.