Things to do in Ha Giang, Vietnam

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Not only is the geological park with the rocky cat ear mountains, Ha Giang is also a land of flowers and poetic love stories. The flowering season of yellow mustard gaps and purple heart is the color of the Laoif flower. And the apricot blossom season, plum blossoms bloom all over the mountains, white all over the gray background of the majestic mountains here.
And if once to Dong Van, visitors will feel deeply here is human, friendly and fun. Where there were the bewildered faces of young children, where men were drunk with cups of corn wine or young girls in colorful brocade suits.

How to know things to do in Ha Giang, Vietnam

There are many people who used to think of Ha Giang as a beautiful girl, not easy to conquer. So let’s find out why this beautiful girl is so hard to approach.

The best time for travelling?

There is no need to be too concerned about which time is best when coming here, because the winding roads are already more than attractive enough. However, for those who love the freshness of nature is probably the spring month.
Spring comes when peaches, plums, and pears come in the cold of the weather. Pink, pure white or felt of each flower as intertwined. All of them show off outstandingly on the gray stone, interspersed with reporting houses lurking in the mountains.

Visit the Khau Vai Love Market, Every year on March 27 of the lunar calendar, on the high mountains, the bustling voices of laughter of the people in national costumes flock here. They wear the most beautiful clothes, the most brilliant to go to the market, to join the Khau Vai Vai Market.
Where they interact, confide or let go of their troubles with their friends, the people they love that they have stored for a year.
In addition, this is also considered the market with the most buffaloes, sometimes up to thousands of children. They come to sell, buy the ones they like best to serve the next crop or as part of their property.

Season of water pouring, When people go to the fields to prepare for the new crop, this place is beautiful. Terraced fields on sparkling slopes, stacked together to create a beautiful landscape.

Certain attractions have to come

As the most ancient rock region of the earth, Dong Van Stone Plateau became a Global Geo park recognized by UNESCO in December 2010. This is the first place must have to be.

Surrounded by rows of carpentry trees, preserved almost intact after many years. Ho Vuong mansion was built in 1019 and completed after more than 10 years. If calculated at the present time, the fee is up to 150 billion. Located on the top of a rare turtle-shaped hilltop, and the “Wang” shaped house towering at this site.

Lung Cu flagpole is built in the shape of Xa Moc tree, a symbolic tree species of Ha Giang. It stands tall among the rocky mountains, upright and upright.
From the top of the flagpole, you can observe a large area, the daily life of the people is more peaceful and more slowly.

The Road of Happiness was built during the years of war with the United States. About 200 km long, thousands of young people devoted themselves to making this road possible.
Not only ensure the transportation is more convenient, it is a bridge that brings light to remote villages. And this road has Ma Pi Leng pass but it is dangerous but beautiful. Considered one of the “four great mountain pass” in the northern mountains of Vietnam including O Quy Ho Pass, Khau Pha Pass and  Pha Din Pass.

More information about Ma Pi Leng Pass

It means the bridge of the horse, because the stubbornness is like the tip of a horse. The people here once told each other that if a female horse climbed up here, it could miscarry, so high that the horse to climb also choke and die.
From the top of Ma Pi Leng overlooking is the Nho Que river winding at every corner of the mountain, the emerald green water shines as this makes the bend more beautiful and more attractive.

Dong Van Old Town, where there are only 40 roofs, is nestled in the middle of the valley with four rocky sides surrounded. In the early morning, there are thin mists embracing old houses, where the smoke of the kitchen blends into the charm of the mountains.
When the sun shone halfway up the mountain, the whole town seemed to wake up, the laughter of the locals mixed with the honking of cars traveling from afar tourists made the whole neighborhood peaceful.

Quan Ba double mountain, emerging with a round shape like two breast milk. Coincidence is the mountain and terraced fields are strange shapes of this twin mountain. Tourists will not be surprised by the magic of nature that brings this land.

Visit Hoang Su Phi terraced fields in ripe rice season

Terraced fields are probably one of the most quintessential things that the mountainous people make. They have conquered the steep mountains, bringing water in to make rocks bloom, produce rice.
It is also a place that marks sentimentalization and settlements, bringing a more prosperous life as well as a more developed economy.