Things to do in Cat Ba Island

Things to do in Cat Ba Island – Halong Bay Cruises – Vietnam Premier Travel. Overnight on boat, do kayaking or do rowing bamboo boat.

How to know the things to do in Cat Ba Island?

Like other tourist cities, Cat Ba also has many restaurants and hotels. However, if tourists stay longer on this island, there are countless more interesting things awaiting.

Swimming at the beach

It will be great when visitors are not afraid of the heat, because these beaches do not have trees but only beaches. Usually a lot of tourists will flock to Cat Co Beach 1,2 and 3 but outside 4pm or around 10pm, of course only you.
These beaches are washed twice by tide every day, so they are extremely clear, fine white sand and extremely clean.
And it is the best place for you to have the opportunity to watch the sunset or sunrise at sea.

Explore Lan Ha Bay during the day

This is also considered the best trip from Cat Ba Island. If you have time, travelers should actively book 1 day before the trip, with prices from 30 to 40 usd.
At such a price, visitors will have a small boat at the wharf right in the center of the island. Guests will be kayaking all day, swimming in the cool blue water of Lan Ha Bay. And lunch is great with mostly fresh seafood.
This tour usually starts from 8am to 5pm on the same day, with about 20 to 30 people per group.

Climbing on the island

A great place to get a panoramic view of Cat Ba Island as well as Lan Ha Bay from above. The mountains here are in fact ancient coral reefs, caused by a fracture when the earth changes. It is sometimes thought to originate from Guilin China and extends as far south as the Gulf of Thailand.
Prepare yourself for the most essential climbing gear for a perfect and wonderful climb.

Trekking in the jungle

Considered one of the forests with the richest number of plants and animals. Therefore, this is a biosphere reserve of the world with many types such as mangroves, limestone forests, etc.
Just spend from 5 to 10 usd, visitors can spend the day to walk through this forest, witnessing the rare individuals and species.

Visiting Hospital cave, This cave has a capacity of up to thousands of people, with an empty cave and many beautiful stalactites. The reason for this cave is so named because during the war, people here have taken it as a shelter and healing for wounded soldiers during the fight.

Visit Viet Hai floating village, The people here mainly live on fishing. With hundreds of houses located in the protected core area of Cat Ba forest, so visitors will see the simplicity and simplicity of their lives.
And one day cycling, coming here to better understand fishing life. There are also many tourists who want to follow them floating at sea and try to become a professional fisherman.
Enjoy a rich lunch of the sea, with mainly dishes that are caught during the day, extremely delicious.