Things not to be missed when visiting Sapa

Things not to be missed when visiting Sapa – Vietnam Premier Travel. Sapa attracts tourists from many places here by people, landscapes and cuisine.

Things not to be missed when visiting Sapa in all reason

Visist Phanxipang “Indochina roof”

To know how the clouds are floating, touching the clouds or letting the wind and clouds move into the cloudy hair, come to the top of Phanxipang mountain.
There are two ways for visitors to get to the top: cable car or trekking for 2 days.
If you are a person with normal health, take a cable car to the top of Phanxipang is the ideal choice.

The cable car is only 15 minutes from Sapa’s town center when walking or 5 minutes by car.

The best time to get to Phanxipang peak lasts from March to the end of November every year. This is considered the best time to look at the beautiful clouds and the weather is not too cold.
The cable car prices are calculated according to each person in both directions up and down as follows:

600.000vnd ~ 26 usd/ Adult

Sapa market

Sapa is not only a place of trading and exchanging products of farmers but also a meeting place, a love affair of young men and women. Sapa Market is a cultural cradle to preserve and preserve the long-standing tradition of Sapa town and ethnic people here.

Sapa night market is also the highlight of this small piece of land. Here visitors can find grilled dishes marinated with local spices.

With many dishes such as grilled skewers, grilled squid, grilled nem and many more delicious dishes invite you to come and enjoy

Muong Hoa Valley

Best place to know what is terraced fields, green rice fields and ripe fields running up to the horizon, Muong Hoa is an excellent choice.

Along Muong Hoa valley is the life of ethnic people H’Mong, Dao and Zay. And terraced fields also reflect the culture of the ethnic minorities here transmitted from generation to generation.
Muong Hoa valley still holds in its heart a peaceful stream, clear water. It is also a place to collect water for people and water for the whole valley.

Silver Falls is also considered the upstream of Muong Hoa stream.
With a height of about 200m, the stream descends into the white valley and rushes.
To reach the Silver Falls du khach sphair walk down to Cat Cat, Shin Chai. And climbing about 30 stone steps will see the Silver Falls with your own eyes.

Visit Cat Cat Village

Arriving in Sapa, tourists who have not walked down Cat Cat village are a small one. The peaceful Cat Cat, friendly and gentle people.
And you can still find traditional houses here. Ancient architecture, simple and suitable for forest mountain life.

Ta Van Village

Is located 8 km from Sapa town. To go here visitors often choose to walk.
Weaving through terraced fields with immense fields of ripe rice, the houses are looming like a picture that attracts the eyes of the eyes.
The residence of more than 150 ethnic households, mainly ngwuoif ethnic Dao and H’mong.
It is easy to identify which ethnic group they are when looking at the colors of the clothes they wear.
Ta Van is also an indispensable destin things not to be missed when visiting Sapa.