Things to know about Hoa Lu Ancient Capital

Things to know about Hoa Lu Ancient Capital. Hoa Lu ancient capital is located 150 km south of Hanoi, the place of worship of the two kings: King Dinh Tien Hoan and King Le Dai Hanh.

Things to know about Hoa Lu Ancient Capital.

Located in Trang An World Heritage Complex. This place is also protected and preserved because it has historical and architectural value.

Stretching for years with the stories of building and maintaining the country of these two kings.

The attractions of Hoa Lu Ancient Capital.

The entire historical area of Hoa Lu Ancient Cultural and Historical Site, including special protection area, buffer zone and monuments such as Thien Ton Cave and Bai Dinh Pagoda.

Are all located in the system of limestone mountains in the area.Ninh Binh province, directly under Truong Yen commune, Hoa Lu district.

Because it is located in the center of tourist spots like Trang An, Bai Dinh, and Co Phuong and is also of historical value, this is the destination of many tourists.
The period of national construction of the King of cloth coat – Dinh Tien Hoang was deeply appreciated by the people and established the temple.

There are many artifacts such as stone and wooden sculptures. From the 17th century until now, there is still this temple. The two sides of the road went inside the temple, which was a great tree of ancient trees all year round and fragrant.

And what’s special is that the path with mostly green blocks. Even the pedestal of King Dinh Tien Hoang made of gold is also made of blue stone.
In Hoa Lu temple, there is also the worshiping area of ​​King Le Dai Hanh. Which is located about 50m from King Dinh worship area. Because of its location, the architecture of the two temples is the same.
It is 200m from King Le temple, is the Nhat Tru pagoda. Built from the reign of King Le Dai Hanh, in front of the pagoda has stone pillars. 

4.16 m high, an eight-sided shape, engraved with the King’s Sutra texts to make a Buddha’s house. .
 Next to it is the relic area associated with the story of the third princess of King Dinh Tien Hoang who jumped into the self-suicide well. Not following the husband of the pirate against his father. This temple worshiped the princess. 

Festival day at Hoa Lu Ancient Capital takes place from March 8 to 10 every year. The people who came here during the festival.

To commemorate the great merits of the heroes as well as the two kings of the emperors had made public the Dai Viet state in the 10th century.
Besides the values ​​of history and architecture, visitors to Hoa Lu also enjoy the specialties here. Those are the delicacies made from goat meat and eaten with burnt rice ..

Notes when visiting Hoa Lu Ancient Capital

Because it is a sacred place to worship ethnic heroes, you should pay attention to being polite. Do not wear skirts or pants that are too short, do not wear too thin and revealing clothes.
Follow the rules listed here, do not cause disorder.
Trash the prescribed places
In the journey to explore the regions of the Northeast region or tour package tour as Hanoi – Ninh Binh – Halong 5 day 4 night program, Hoa Lu is an indispensable destination.