The most attractive destinations 2020 in Vietnam

The most attractive destinations 2020 in Vietnam – Vietnam Premier Travel – Halong Bay Cruises – Sapa trekking tours – Vietnam Day tours

How to know the most attractive destinations 2020 in Vietnam

2020 is a special year with special journeys. There are fascinating destinations so you should come back to explore and explore all the beauties that not only nature brings to us, but these are:

Sapa seduces all 4 seasons

Located more than 1,000 meters above sea level, the 4 seasons in Sapa have a cool climate. Although located near the equator, Sapa does not suffer from that.
There are winter seasons also appear ice and snow on the top of Mount Phan Xi Pang or even in the center of town.
Deeply imbued with cultural and ethnic identities, as they account for 80% of them are ethnic people, of which the H’mong, Dao and Zo ethnic groups account for the majority.
Each ethnic group has a different cultural identity and customs, but they live in the same village so more and more diverse.
For the Red Dao ethnic group, they have good health bath cigarettes, especially for newborns and beauticians.
Besides, nature and scenery have made Sapa even more special.
It will be more beautiful when the rice season is bright yellow, stretching from the foot of the mountain to the top like a bright and soft golden ribbon.
Moreover, when Sapa comes to flood season, it is like a mirror that reflects the whole town.
As a green color of young rice, fragrant and sweet, with the colorful coat of H’mong girls down the mountain

Ha Giang – where rocks bloom

Close to the border between Vietnam and China, mainly rocky mountains and pristine, majestic nature.
People are simple, gentle, year-round hard working and living peacefully in simple houses.
This is still an area with unfavorable roads, so tourism potential is still limited.
In recent years, Ha Giang has been better known for its famous landmarks of beauty and people.
Lung Cu Flagpole is the place that marks Vietnam’s sovereignty, from here visitors can keep their eyes on the distance, the lives of the two countries are closer, peace and friendship.
Quang Ba double mountain is a testament to the sacred motherhood, an impossible destination not to be present in Ha Giang.

It is really lacking not to mention about the Triangle Flower season. Referring to Ha Giang, they immediately think of this flower, the white and red seasons create a rich pink color of this flower. It is fragile, grows from gnarly rock, brilliant and full of life.

Hoian – peaceful old town and the most attractive destination in the world.

If the North has Ha Long Bay, then the Central is Hoian. As an old trading port formed and prospered from the end of the 18th century to the end of the 19th century.
The low-rise houses are located close together, moss color, the peace of the old town makes it become strangely attractive.

The quiet Thu Bon River will become brilliant and sparkling on the full moon day and the first day of the lunar month. Visitors can manually drop the lanterns, wish for their own peace in life and happiness forever.

Da Lat – a dream city and a paradise for coffee lovers

It is no exaggeration to say that Da Lat is like a miniature Netherlands. With fresh air, the four seasons are full of blooming flowers.
If visitors come to Dalat in the right season Fesstival will witness thousands of species of flowers blooming. And enjoy the right, hot and aromatic coffee cups.
Stroll by the dreamy pine hill, by the Love Valley or the beautiful LangBiang Plateau

Phu Quoc – the pearl island or the natural beauty of the earth.

Located completely separate from the mainland, the island’s atmosphere is clear and cool throughout the year.
The fine white sand, the long stretches and the gentle waves are the ideal place for water sports activities.
Watching corals, traveling along the beach with banana boats or kayaking are the things that visitors should try.
There are resorts with a private beach, relaxing in the fresh air and tranquility.