The best time visit Sapa

The best time visit Sapa – Sapa trekking tour – Vietnam Premier Travel – Sapa tour package – Visit Lao Chai, Ta Van Village, Muong Hoa Valley.

How to know the best time visit Sapa

Sapa is a mountainous province of Vietnam, where the typical weather pattern of the north. Hot and humid in summer and cold, low temperature in winter. However, Sapa is a bit special, often with snow on the high peaks and in the valley, it often rains early in the morning.
Sapa often rains the most from June to the end of September, which is also the time when Vietnamese people have long summer holidays.
From September to December, this period is the most perfect for exploring.

The average temperature is from 15 to 25 degrees celsius, this is the time when the trails will become dry, convenient for walking to visit the villages.
During the winter months, the temperature is often very low, so visitors should pay attention to bring warm clothes.
And when the fog is all over the entrance, visitors will have the feeling of a true Sapa, true to the saying of the foggy city.

The best reasons to come here

Also referred to as a village in France, with foggy mountains, colorful villages have been a great attraction for all visitors.

Sleeping on the train

This is an unique experience only when visitors come to Sapa. Because Vietnam still retains the iron train with the trailer used from the early years of the 20th century. It is noisy but retains the nostalgia.
Inside there are many different cabin classes, sometimes the first class cabin has only 2 comfortable and comfortable beds. Or a little cheaper with the most cargo compartment with 4 beds, in the cabin is set up many snacks and mineral water, coffee.
You can order more food from the restaurant’s kitchen, from noodles or noodles and pho.

Wonderful view

Hoang Lien Son Mountain surrounds most of this area, so the terrain is low when high. It is an advantage reserved only for Sapa, and people turn from the hard to become their own advantages.
They know farming on the very steep slopes and terraced fields is a testament to the restoration of nature.

The mountain surrounds the mountain and at the foot is the beautiful Muong Hoa valley, clear water for four seasons of murmuring flow.

The local culture

With many ethnic groups living together in the same area, Sapa has become a place with many diverse cultural identities.
And the most prominent ones are the H’mong, Zay, Dao and Tay people. They are crowded communities, creating a unique and unique cultural identity.
They have their own language and writing, unique community life culture. Those are also the most attractive destinations when coming to this wonderful land.

Sapa’s Hill Tribe Village Treks

Living in the core of the nature reserve, the Hoang Lien Son mountain range covers a large area. Including Lao Chai, Ta Van and Muong Hoa valleys. With an area of ​​up to 30,000 hectares, including the peak of Phan Xi Pang.
Coming here, tourists can visit by themselves, or in groups, but in any way, there are still many beautiful times to admire the beauty here.
These terraced fields are carved into each cliff and change color over time. When the rice begins to rise, there is a beautiful green. Or when it becomes golden by a bumper crop, or reflects the whole sky of Sapa when the fields are filled with water.

Discover the highest peak in Vietnam – Phan Xi Pang

Compared to the roof of Indochina, where the crowing of chickens can be heard, all three countries hear. Where there are four-color cloud cover, where there are snow dozens of centimeters thick.

The local market

Not just a place to trade and exchange local products. This is also a meeting and exchange place for men and women to come here to make friends and make friends.