The best time for visit Ha Giang

The best time for visit Ha Giang – The North of Vietnam Tours Package – Vietnam Premier Travel – Biking tour – Trekking to the village.

Ha Giang is a mountainous province of Vietnam, bordering China, about 5 hours from Hanoi by car continuously. There is a massive rocky plateau, a poor, dangerous road with a towering cliff on one side and a deep abyss.

How to know The best time for visit Ha Giang?

Located in the Northwest region of Vietnam, this place also has typical weather, which is hot in summer and bitter in winter. However, that is not the reason why visitors don’t want to visit here. Because this land has a harsh climate but as natural as offset, visitors also favor the name of this land where rocks bloom.

The rainy season starts from April to the end of October and the dry season is from November to the end of March.
In the rainy season, trees like to be revived should be better and more flowering. The apricot trees, the plum trees blooming in the fruit attracted us, the butterflies fluttered.

There is a very special day every year that is Khau Vai Love Market, this is considered the best love market. Not only a place of trading and exchanging goods, this market is also a meeting place for men and women. Those who love each other can not get married, close friends who meet for a long time or also a meeting place for new people and then they should be charming from this market.

Things to do in here

What are the attractions of the land in the remaining days of this land? It could be the grandeur of the scenery here, the romance of the mountains with the pink of the Triangular Circuit, or the Lung Cu flagpole, etc.

The season of water pouring on the terraced fields of Ha Giang takes place from May to July. It is like a mirror reflecting the sunlight, illuminating the land and sky here.
And then that’s when it turns yellow in the ripe rice that takes place from September to October.
The last months of the year are the seasons when the Triangular Circuit blooms, the flowers are joined together by tiny white and pink. It seemed to be offset by the chill of winter and the gray mountains below.

How to transfer? 

320km is the distance from Hanoi to here, so it is not too difficult to choose a suitable mode of transportation.
By bus, is the cheapest and most comfortable way to come here and there are many time frames to choose from. Right at My Dinh bus station, every 7 o’clock every night comes with a bed, comfortable and cheap. Just spend about 200,000vnd, visitors will have eyes here.

By car, is the most convenient way to come here, but the price is not cheap for a journey both to and from 2 or 3 days. Costs can range from 100 usd or more.

By motorbike, if the tourists come here to explore Ha Giang by themselves, that can’t be better. There is a tip for travelers when both safe and cost-effective. Tourists should choose a bed bus to Ha Giang town, then they can rent a motorbike and explore this land on their own.