The best season visit Sapa

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The best season visit Sapa is:

Sapa with four seasons in a day from spring, summer, autumn and winter. However, Sapa has beautiful days at the time of the season, that is on April of the year.

Like the weather in the Northern provinces, autumn is compared to autumn in Hanoi.
Early in the morning, Sapa was dressed as a thin coat of clouds, a little cold of the mountain.

And get up very early to see Sapa hidden in the morning dew. Reaching for the dew still still on the leaves, on young buds.
Walking around Sapa for a while, thin fogs also have a feeling of walking with each step. It keeps rolling and like a mountain that holds each tourist.
The more you go to Sapa gradually appear after the first rays of the day. Sapa is as clear as a new and innocent ethnic girl. Sapa is like wearing a new shirt.
Walk down the remote villages, the state through terraced fields when it is green. When gold or intertwined as someone’s hand weaves on this giant carpet.
And at this time the sun was high, the stream of Mung Hoa rained. Accidentally illuminating the sun to allow the whole of Sapa to shine.

The laughter of children running and jumping, the sound of water and the sound of charging of the forest as if blended together creates an amazingly funny song.
Sapa has such wonderful four-day seasons. But you also need to consider some things like this:
– Wear a long-sleeved shirt when walking down if you are not afraid of sunburn.

The weather is cool but staying above 3000m above sea level, the sunlight also makes your skin burning and may be sunburned. You can use a little sunscreen and a soft hat.
– Morning you bring with you a thick enough jacket to stroll Sapa in the night. Day and night temperatures are quite different, so be careful not to catch a cold.
Sapa is also a place to enjoy delicious grilled dishes. Because the weather is cold all year round, you will have the opportunity to have only Sapa dishes like this chicken egg, baked sugarcane or Sapa’s scones.
You have seen such beautiful Sapa, what are you waiting for, not coming here, to be able to spend a day with special weather for the The best season visit Sapa