Tam Coc, the most beautiful river of Ninh Binh.

Tam Coc, the most beautiful river of Ninh Binh – Ninh Binh Day Tours. Do cycling, visit Dam Khe oldest village, Bich Dong pagoda and enjoy tea break.

Tam Coc, the most beautiful river of Ninh Binh.

Tam Coc means Ba Hang. And you will be able to visit those 3 beautiful caves. In this trip to visit Tam Coc on this beautiful and ever-green Ngo Dong river.
Located 10km from Ninh Binh city, Tam Coc attracts thousands of visitors every year.

And it belongs to the top 15 most beautiful destinations on the world travel map.Tam Coc is also the first place to exploit the first waterway tourism in Ninh Binh province.Tam Coc is like a Ha Long on land with the same mountain scenery, winding along the Ngo Dong River, through beautiful natural caves.
To attract tourists to the places in Ninh Binh in general and Tam Coc in particular, the facilities here are invested and newly built. Meeting the demand for convenient transportation, many roads have been renovated and upgraded.

Hotels and motels are invested with high standards. Especially when staying overnight in Tam Coc, tourists often choose to sleep in Homestay areas. 

Here visitors can live in nature, breathe fresh air. And more attractive is the peaceful life of the people here.

Because of being located in the protected core zone of Trang An World Heritage site, Tam Coc is also in it. 

The environment is extremely clean and beautiful. 

It is the people here who are self-aware of that so they are the main factor in preserving and preserving the beautiful scenery here.

On the Ngo Dong River, visitors have the opportunity to go on lush rice fields, watching the mountains coincide with the eyes.

In July and September is the best time to watch ripe yellow rice. Bamboo boats glide on the clear river, can look down to the bottom.

The swarms of moss-tailed algae like chasing after paddles.

And going through Hang Ca, Hang Hai and Hang Ba, visitors will hear and understand more about the formation and creation of stalactites.

Many fancy shapes like being attached to the life and history of the country where you stopped.