Some tips to plan visit Halong Bay

Some tips to plan visit Halong Bay – Halong Bay Cruises – Vietnam Premier Travel. Overnight on board, do kayakingm swimming at Lan Ha Bay.

How for some tips to plan visit Halong Bay

Halong Bay is known as one of the most famous and beautiful bays in the world. Thousands of large and small stone islands stretching from Quang Ninh to Hai Phong emerge as charming emeralds.

Coming here is extremely simple by a series of highways, hotel and motel systems. And especially there are countless ships for visitors to stay 1 night on the Bay.

Guests can land at Noi Bai airport, Van Don Airport just 50km from Halong Bay.

Along with the convenience to serve tourists has made Halong Bay become noisy and polluted water, coastline and affect the structure of caves.
That is the reason the managers have limited to 5 routes to visit the bay.
What attracts visitors to Halong Bay is swimming, and it is limited. It is monitored by unmanned aircraft, if any violating fleets will be suspended operation.
All of the above will affect your choice, we will have some tips to plan visit Halong Bay

Luxury Cruise

The luxurious Halong Bay route has Paradise boat, which is considered a luxury hotel on the water. Sunning, watching the kissing, dawn from the bedroom. Or move ashore to visit Cat Ba National Park.

With the cruise explore Lan Ha Bay is Genesis Regal Cruise. 20 luxury rooms, private balcony with bathtub, hot shower.

Guests will pay about 300 USD for a night of rest on the boat excluding travel fees. Although it is quite expensive, it includes 4 high quality meals. Some activities include kayaking, visiting fishing villages and swimming.

Deluxe Cruise

With this mid-range line, visitors can still enjoy the space and good service for the cost of 250 USD.
With some rooms have a hot and cold shower balcony, serving 4 delicious meals. There are also other services available, such as cooking lessons on the Bay, Taichi training in the morning, kayaking.

Do not think in a way that less money is not good service, tourists are wrong. Has a staff of skilled, friendly and hospitable. Guests will feel warm like when at home.

Day Trip

If you don’t have the time, choose the 1-day program. Still enough activities such as kayaking, visiting caves and eating lunch on board.

This is a short trip usually lasting from 4 to 6 hours. Choose a reasonable trip and should choose reputable companies that will make visitors happy.