Some suggestion for weekend

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Highlight of some suggestion for weekend

When you only have 2 weekends to go to relax after a hard week, some of the following suggestions may help you. It can be 2 weekends in Moc Chau – Son La, 2 days 1 night in Sapa or 2 days 1 night in Ha Long.

All of these destinations are attractive to people because many factors such as people, services, landscapes and more are waiting for visitors to come and discover their way.

Moc Chau – a land with 4 seasons of flowers

Moc Chau has a cool climate all year round, because it is located in a valley and fertile soil, which is also the reason for many flowers to grow and thrive here.
These include plum blossoms, white blooms throughout the hillsides, weaving into each garden of the people.
There are also green pastures, where thousands of dairy cows are raised here, providing milk and meat for the region.
And the most wonderful thing for food enthusiasts, because Moc Chau plums or strawberries are delicious and bigger than other places. Perhaps the climate and soil grapefruit here has made everything so special.

The places for tourists to stay here have many different prices, ranging from 150,000 VND to over 1 million.

Sapa – the most place must be

Has long been no stranger to travelers in and out of Vietnam, because Sapa has not only scenery and people, food and culture. Sapa also has many more attractive new destinations such as the Cable Car to the top of Phan Xipang Mountain or the slow boat overlooking the Muong Hoa valley.

And the stay in Sapa is extremely diverse and plentiful. With a 1-night stay in the village, in addition to experiencing the feeling of sleeping in a homestay, visitors can also live with them, cook and learn how they live like locals.
And sleeping at the hotel, depending on the needs of each traveler that choose appropriate.

Sleeping boat in Ha Long Bay, experience has never been old

With 1 night of sleeping boat, visitors will try to feel the feeling of Kayaking, Bamboo boat. And also try feeling floating in the Bay, try TaiChi and learn to cook.
The equipment for travelers is designed with modern and luxurious. All rooms have a private balcony, air conditioning, hot water. And the standing, standing bath is designed and available in each room.