Snow flower hunt in Sapa

Snow flower hunt in Sapa – Sapa trekking – Vietnam Premier Travel – Overnight on train – Overnight at the Home stay. Trekking to the village.

Highlight of Snow flower hunt in Sapa

Northern Vietnam in the winter color is usually cold but humid air often no matter how cold it can not snow. Yet there is a place where travelers like to touch the first snowflakes. It is nowhere else that guests are Sapa, only by train or bus are here.

They often consider Sapa as a place with a miniature, miniature Europe located on the top of Mount Phan Xi Pang. The cold was numb, huddled in a baggy, cold coat, savoring hot and aromatic skewers of meat.
Touching the snow in the early season, letting go of the white snow fluttering is a great feeling.

When a rare bit of sunshine at the end of the day passed through the thick clouds, the pristine white snow field seemed to glow. The whole town seemed awakened in white snow, the sublimation of nature has made this small town really charming.
And then the same cloud dropped down at the foot of the mountain, following the footsteps of travelers and night

There are other destinations besides this place

Another great suggestion that tourists should go to is Mau Son Mountain. The place with an altitude of over 1000m above sea level lies to the Northeast of Lang Son province. This is a complex of 80 mountains creating an extremely majestic scenery. At the foot of the mountain are ethnic groups of Dao, Tay and Nung. The winding road leading to the mountain is extremely beautiful but also dangerous so visitors need to pay attention.

The weather here in the winter months is usually dry so the snow is quite thick. On the two sides of the road, there are only suitable trees such as pine, buy, sim along the cliff Each branch like spreading out to catch snowflakes creates a glittering, fanciful image. Whenever the sun shines through it suddenly becomes more beautiful and more romantic.

onsidered the roof of the northeastern mountains, Tay Co Linh peak with a height of 2472m is no less than Phan Xi Pang mountain.
Located on the upper reaches of the Chay river to the west of Ha Giang province.
Those who want to conquer the summit of West Con Linh must also prepare for this journey relatively carefully. A snowy white forest stretched out as far as the eye could see, branches and trees, white grass.

Stretching over three provinces are Thanh Cong, Quang Thanh and Phan Thanh are the peaks of Phia Oac mountain. 1931m above sea level, 450m higher than Sapa, higher than the mountains of Ba Vi and Tam Dao nearly 1000m. That’s why when the winter comes, this peak is covered with snow. A place suitable for those who love the winter and especially love snow.
Besides, there are special-use forests, conservation areas and national parks with an area of ​​over 300,000 ha.