Sapa with everything you need

Sapa with everything you need – Sapa trekking Tours – Vietnam Premier Travel. Overnight at the hotel or Homestay. Trekking to the village, Muong Hoa Valley.

How Sapa with everything you need

Sapa is a small mountain town in the North, 350km from Hanoi. Today, the move here is extremely easy and convenient.

From here visitors can see the Hoang Lien Son mountain range, including the peak of Phan Xi Pang which is the highest peak of more than 3000m above sea level.

It is also home to many ethnic minorities such as the H’mong, Dao, Tay, Giay, etc. And the land is blessed with four cool seasons, beautiful nature.

The activity

With many thing as trekking to the village, visit Muong Hoa Valleys. Coming to Sapa, tourists cannot help but want to climb the highest mountain in Vietnam – Phanxipang.

Healthy visitors will enjoy this most, they can take a deep walk inside the old forests, the park includes a picturesque mountain landscape and some forests, and restorations. serve as habitat for a diverse set of animals. Some species can only be found in northwestern Vietnam and are at high risk of extinction. Nature lovers will really appreciate this park. Other attractions that are part of Hoang Lien National Park include Cat Cat Village and Ta Phin Village and caves. In Sapa town, there is a small museum and a modest church. We highly recommend strolling up and down the sloping streets of this small mountain town

Sapa at night

Especially in mountainous areas, Sapa at night does not have many outstanding activities. You can sip some cold beer, wander the night market to enjoy baked goods like grilled corn, baked eggs.

Special Market in Sapa

There are no shopping centers in Sapa, just traditional stalls. With many handcrafted products only here it becomes special.

Depending on the day, the markets here are usually short or long. For example, the market right next to Sapa Old Church usually lasts from 6am to 6pm daily. However, there are special markets like:
Bac Ha Market and Coc Ly Market are only available on Sundays, meeting from early morning until 12 noon. This is a special culture that attracts other tourists here not to trade, not to be deeply commercialized with national identity.

Muong Hum Market Located in Bat Xat district, 44 km from Lao Caii usually meets on Sundays weekly.
Here the Dao girls often wear colorful floral dresses, the H’mong girl wears fancy elaborate costumes made by herself.

There are unique products that tourists can buy as gifts, such as Tho Cam cloth, local products and delicious fruit cakes.