Sapa season of water pouring

Sapa season of water pouring – Sapa trekking – Vietnam Premier Travel. Overnight at the hotel or homestay. Transfer by Dcar in the morning/by sleeping train

How to looking Sapa season of water pouring

Sapa is always cool all year round so it attracts visitors from many places to come here. In May, people often remove water into the field to prepare for the new crop, and it is at this time that visitors will be fascinated by the sparkling and brilliant beauty.

Sapa is known by the French and has been chosen as a vacation destination since the early days of the 19th century. Since then, it has formed a resort with fresh air and diversified national cultural identities. Sapa is a northern mountainous district so summer is cool and cold in winter. Some recent years due to climate change, sometimes snowfall has made many tourists curious and excited to pull together here.

In addition to the beautiful things that nature and people attract tourists, each season Sapa reigns between heaven and earth.
After reaping, the ethnic people lead water from the ravines to the fields, and the plow buffalo plow fields start the new crop.
And terraced fields across the slopes, running all the way to the horizon like silver inlay, like a giant mirror reflecting a whole area.

Each generation has passed, terraced fields are getting higher and wider. The richer the house, the more fields, the better the life of the people here.

How beautiful the terraces are

Just a few minutes walk away from the crowded town in Sapa are terraced fields appear before your eyes. And especially in the pouring season, terraced fields are glistening, reflecting the blazing sun. High above plots will have water pouring in early so there is a beautiful green color of young rice. Below as a mirror illuminating the vividness of every activity of the beautiful town.

In order to enjoy all the beauty and beauty of Sapa season of water pouring, tourists should choose a 2-day-1-night journey.