Sapa Fair Market

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Coming to Sapa, the attraction of the trails leading to the entrance of the village, through the beautiful terraced fields. In addition, the fair attracts visitors by special things, unmistakable.

How to know Sapa Fair Market

Local market in the central

Located right next to Sapa town, is not only a place of business but also unique and interesting cultural activities. On Sundays, it is a destination for village boys and girls. And it is also the attraction of many tourists coming here.

Coc Ly market

Located in Bac Ha district, it is held every Tuesday and It is a busy market, selling handicrafts, cattle, cuisine and mountain products.
This is also a market located right next to the suspension bridge spanning the river so extremely romantic so many visitors have come here.

Bac Ha Market

65km from Lao Cai city, Bac Ha fair is held every Sunday in the month. This is also the most unique fair market in Sapa and Southeast Asia. It is also a destination not to be missed whenever visitors come to Sapa.
A market that visitors can go from surprise to surprise, there are hundreds of horses for sale here. And there are many precious products found here. Brocade goods and hundreds of delicious delicacies such as the month of passionate greasy, corn wine made rosy lips, etc.

Muong Hum market

Coming to this market, attracting visitors by the colorful colors of the colorful dresses from H”mong girls.
And in addition, there are also products made entirely by the talented hands of skillful girls and mothers. They may take hours to months to complete it. It is Muong Hum fair market located 44km from Lao Cai, which takes place on Sunday of the week.