Sapa and the great accents

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Hightlight of Sapa and the great accents

Sapa has long been known as a mountainous area in the North of Vietnam, but for a panoramic view, read our article. Because Sapa is a wonderful resort, fresh air. The four seasons of clouds spread everywhere, the streets were beautiful, the terraced fields towered to the horizon.

Interesting things only in Sapa

Sapa attracts tourists by the rustic, lovely ethnic people when visitors choose the overnight service in the village.

And here, visitors can participate in agricultural production with the people such as harvesting rice, farming or cooking with them. And it would be great because there is no street dust, no car horn, only laughter, everyday life stories are fun and friendly.

Visitors can come to Sapa on all days of the year, but some people say they should go to Sapa from September to the end of November. a miniature European city. All the branches and grass covered with a white color of snow, the fields are covered with a soft white silk strip across the hillsides.

In addition, it also attracts a lot of tourists to come here because of the diversity of national culture. The H’mong, Dao, and Zay ethnic groups who work, live and live together in the community make it alive and diverse.

How to transfer to Sapa

Sapa is located in the Northwest of Vietnam, 5 hours drive from Hanoi, so coming here is extremely easy.
It is also possible to travel by train, after 8 hours overnight on the train, visitors will come to Lao Cai station. An additional 1 hour 30 minutes by bus will be available in Sapa town.
Or maybe take a motorbike, go on dangerous but beautiful mountain pass roads.