Review about Vietnam 12D11N tour

Review about Vietnam 12D11N tour – Package Vietnam Tour. From the North to the South included Hanoi, Halong Bay, Ninh Binh, Hoian, Danang, Nha Trang Beach, Mekong Delta and HCMC.

How Review about Vietnam 12D11N tour 

About Hanoi 

Talking about Hanoi Old Street, they often think about 36 streets. Each street is often associated with the products they bring from the countryside to the city. Therefore, 36 streets with names starting with the word “Hang”

Most streets have a traditional item and a temple to worship the village’s ancestors. And still preserved and a place for traders to burn incense to express their gratitude and beg for good luck.

Highlights of the houses on the old town with curved tile roofs, the house usually has 3 floors. With the first floor for sales, from frequency 2 and above for living.

And a typical of the houses in the old town area is living many generations in the same house.

The Quentessence show ò Tonkin All performances are located in the grounds of the famous temple in the North, which is Thay Pagoda. The largest outdoor stage recreates the rural life in the North with buffaloes, rice fields and simple life.

Halong Bay

With many attractive destinations in the journey of 2 days 1 night or longer. You will let go of all your worries to enjoy the quiet and wonderful khoonggian that nature bestows on Halong Bay.
With thousands of large and small limestone islands formed millions of years, clean natural beaches with smooth sandy beaches.
Kayaking is also an experience that is lacking in the journey to discover Ha Long Bay.

Trang An – Bai Dinh

Trang An has been included in the list of the most attractive destinations in the world because of what this place has. Stunning nature and geology, is the place to preserve the genetic varieties of many rare and precious plants and animals in the world.
And there is also the largest temple and many of the largest Arhat statues in Southeast Asia. It is like a cradle of Buddhism, a place where you come to give up your sorrow, bringing a rare purity where it is.

Hoi An Encient 

Hoi An is an indispensable stop in Review about Vietnam 12D11N tour. As one of the ancient cities preserved almost intact from the 15th century to the present.
Hoi An has no airport, no train station, so the only way to Hoi An is by road.
The nights of the full moon or full moon, Hoi An shimmering and shimmering on Hoai River. The flower lanterns fluttered along the gentle waves of water. On the two sides are houses covered with mossy and mossy colors.
Hoi An people are gentle and hospitable. A dish of street food such as Ba Bo Chicken Rice, Soup Cake or many other snacks attracts tourists to Hoi An.

Mekong Delta

The Mekong River is famous for being the longest river and flowing through the most countries in the world. It is because of that speciality that makes people and landscapes become special.