Reason visit Ha Giang

Reason visit Ha Giang – Natural/Adventure tours – Vietnam Premier Travel. With Quan Ba mountain, Lung Cu flagpole and Dong Van stone plateau.

What the reason visit Ha Giang

Happiness Road

The path of happiness is formed from the early years of the 20th century. The reason it is named because this road is the place of thousands of labor days of ethnic people here.
Happy road extends from Ha Giang town to Ma Pi Leng peak.
It has many bends on the sleeves, on one side is the mountain, one side is the rear with sharp stones or dangerous.
There is only one unique path that is enough for 2 lanes to drive, it must be very difficult and experienced so visitors can travel on this road.

Nui Doi – Twin mountains and Heaven Gate

Mount Quan Ba is associated with maternal love legend, where the traditional people are together.
It is like the symbol of mother’s milk, always filled to support children.
In the middle of the message is the stalactites of Ha Giang stone park emerging a round pair of mountains and always green.

Dong Van Stone Park is an indispensable destination in the journey to discover Ha Giang land.
Located on an altitude of 1400 to 1600 compared to sea level, limestone areas cover most of Ha Giang. Cat-eared cat cocks create a majestic setting of Ha Giang.

Here visitors also find some cliffs still retain ancient writing, it has not been translated.
There are deep cliffs to visit the carpet, with up to more than 1800m like Mac Vac cliffs or Tu San also located in this Ma Pi Leng mountain range. This is the best reason visit Ha Giang.

Khau Vai love market
This is not only a place to exchange, buy and sell but also a place to meet the love of couples.
Every year only one session is held on March 27 of the lunar calendar.