Old Capital Vietnam – Hue information

Old Capital Vietnam – Hue information – Vietnam Premier Travel – Visit Huong river – Do bamboo boat on Dragon boat. Enjoy Hue city tour.

Highlight of Old Capital Vietnam – Hue information

As the capital of Vietnam from 1802 to 1945 under the Nguyen Dynasty. This is the place to witness the flourishing and decline of the Nguyen Family during about 19 kings. Therefore, it can be considered Hue is a store of valuable historical value and is the most vivid museum about the feudal period of Vietnam in this month.

During the war days, Hue was the site of the battle for the French and Viet Minh troops. Part of the architecture here has also been damaged. Some of the buildings were rebuilt, but there are also many places that are only traces or ruins.

Things to do in Hue 

Not only architectural works, historical values and this place also has beautiful nature, friendly people. And the special and also due to the living place of many royal lineage, the cuisine here is extremely rich and delicious.
Save 1 or 2 days or more to explore Hue romantic and romantic.

Visit the Tombs near by the central, There are countless mausoleums that Hue is keeping for generations of the Nguyen family. Of princes, princesses or kings. However, it should be mentioned that the tomb of King Minh Mang, King Tu Duc, King Tanh Thai, etc.
These are places with beautiful views, to say the King Khai Dinh. It is located on a high hill, with the back of a mountain facing the Huong River.
In general, Khai Dinh tomb has a 127-height rectangle, influenced by many architectural schools such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Roman, Gothique … Specifically: Tower-shaped pillars (Hinduism) ), Stoupa (Buddhist) pillars, cross-shaped fences, octagonal houses with octagonal columns and Roman arches …
Because King Khai Dinh is passionate about Western culture and architecture, he wants to build a tomb that is completely different from his predecessors.

Next it could be said that King Gia Long, he was one of the influential Kings in the expansion of the frontier for the South.
The position of the front tomb is Dai Thien Tho, behind, there are 7 mountains behind the project. On the left, there are 14 mountains called “description of dragon fruit”, on the right side are 14 mountains called “organic white tiger”. The tomb is divided into 3 areas: The tomb of the king and Thua Thien Cao Hoang Hau in the middle. On the right is the sanctuary of the Emperor and the Queen

Enjoy Hue royal cuisine

All the dishes mentioned with the Hue word behind them show that these dishes are only eaten here to retain the subtlety of that dish.
Not too exaggerated, Bun Bo with the taste of broth, thinly sliced beef served with herbs.
The mussel rice is made from tiny mussels, soft and fragrant meat served with white rice and herbs.
In addition, cakes or tea are famous and characterized by Hue.
Come here and enjoy it will not make you forget and look forward to coming back to Hue many more times.