Notes when sleeping on a boat

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Notes when sleeping on a boat

Halong has been twice voted as 7 natural wonders of the new world. Therefore, visitors will come here more and have more notes when sleeping on a boat for visitors to complete the things to note when coming here.

The best time for Halong Bay tourism

Halong Bay is in the Gulf of Tonkin, so there are two typical types of weather in the North: summer and winter.

Summer usually lasts from April to the end of September, the average temperature is between 25 and 37 degrees. In the summer there is often a lot of rain but not often and not large.
With this weather is suitable for swimming activities and water sports.
However, it is also a hurricane season because Halong belongs to the East Sea, about 7 to 10 storms are made every year. But not much because Halong Bay has many limestone mountains, invisible in general as a shield from big storms.

Winter is the remaining months of the year, lasting from October to the end of March. The average temperature ranges from 5 to 15 degrees. Not too cold, but sharp and uncomfortable.
But this is the dry season so it is very interesting to stay on board, the sky is clear and blue, Halong will be even more beautiful in each frame.

Select the cruises accordingly

Halong Bay with thousands of different fleets, different quality and service. Therefore, it is difficult for tourists to choose and find a suitable journey.

If visitors are highly affordable, there are some outstanding types of quality, service.
Typical as:

Genesis Regal Cruise 5 star. Explore Lan Ha Bay. With 22 luxury room, private balcony. Had 3 decks with Sundeck, restaurant, and the rooms.

Emperor Cruise – 5 star. Explore Bai Tu Long Bay. With 8 luxury standard room. Private big balcony room. Luxury restaurant with professional chef will serve all your meals with any style.

President Halong Bay Cruise – 5 star cruise. Explore Halong Bay typical. With 48 luxury room, on the second floor with balcony room. The room setup with mini bar, bathtub, Jacuzzi, hot shower,etc. 

All cruises are served meals, including European and Asian dishes and mostly Vietnamese dishes. Activities to visit caves and kayaks are included in the price.
Every 2 days 1 average price for the lowest room rate only from $ 169 / per person.

Choose the right room

f you are a traveling couple, the room you should choose is a double room with a large bed. Size can be up to 1m8,2m. Some rooms also have a large balcony, relaxing chairs on the corridor like the Junior Balcony room on Genesis Regal Cruise.
If you have a slightly more paid feature, you can choose the room on the second floor, the area is usually about 35m2. Most rooms on the second floor are usually free drinks, with baths and fresh flowers.
Your family has small children, so choose a Family room or connecting room. Each room has an interconnecting door so you can easily check your child and still have privacy for yourself.

Prepare luggage

The most essential thing for all visitors when choosing to spend the night on board is personal papers. The on-board staff will have to report to the Port Authority confirming that it is you and not anyone else who will stay overnight here. Can be a passport, a replacement driver’s license or Proof of People’s Letter.

And swimwear, that’s essential because you’ll have time to swim in the Bay. Sunscreen, personal pages, cameras and some essentials.
Left all on board has been served including face towels, toothpaste, brushes. Hair dryer, bath towel, hot and cold water and bottled water.

Other notes

Visitors are far away, so they want to have a means of transportation to Halong Bay. Can be a private car or go with a car to pick up the group.
Vehicles usually depart at Hanoi, welcome tourists at the hotel in Hanoi Old Quarter area. Prices range from $ 18 to $ 25 per person for a 2-day-1-night journey.
Private cars can be started later, moving on highways will shorten travel time and be more comfortable. Prices range from $ 125 for 4-seat cars, $ 145 for 7-seat cars and $ 165 for 16-seat cars. All above prices include tolls, driving and gasoline.

Above are some things to notes when sleeping on a boat, if need something else please contact us via on email or Chat WhatsApp: 0084916554558