Natural beauty atop Bach Ma National Park

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Overview of Natural beauty atop Bach Ma National Park

Coming to Hue, there are two special things we need to go and should be there are the tombs of the Imperial Kings of Hue and Bach Ma National Park.
40km from Hue city, visitors come here to buy tickets and follow the winding 20km long road leading to the top of the mountain.

This is also considered to be the only primary forest cover connecting the sea to the border between Vietnam and Laos. In this primeval forest, there are many deserted resorts, which are the resting places for French officers and Hue upper classes.

Some tip for guest 

In the rainy season, the road to the mountain is quite slippery, so be careful to follow the instructions. Panoramic view of mountains, clouds, forests and the sea blends into each person’s eye, the coastal road is soft as a silk strip crossing the foot of the mountain.
According to scientists’ statistics, Bach Ma garden has up to 55 kinds of precious mushrooms, spread over a total forest area of 33,500ha.
Not only that, Bach Ma also possesses the diversity of mountains, forests, waterfalls and streams. With more than 23,000 plant species, 17,000 rare animals, including many rare and precious animals and animals that need to be protected such as red-shanked douc langur, saola, white pheasant, po mu or frankincense.

There is a special thing in Ngu Ho, 5km deep in the forest, is 5 small and large lakes connecting each other. In summer, this place is ideal for butter, playing in the cool water.
Do Quyen Waterfall is also a destination not to be missed in the days of March and April. When the three-lobed maple leaves change color from green to yellow and red, making the whole Bach Ma mountain forest stand out and beautiful. .