Nam Cang Village, the destination should stop

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Highlight of Nam Cang Village, the destination should stop

The destinations in Sapa not to be missed are Ban Cat Cat, Shin Chai, Lao Chai Ta Van. However, there are still few tourists who know about Ban Nam Cang. Which is a small village with few people but the beautiful scenery is extremely unique and extremely peaceful.

The uniqueness of terraces

Located on the way to the Hoang Lien Son mountain range, the slopes are steep and long, so the terraced fields are often short and narrow.
Interspersed among those fields were narrow valleys, rocky cat ears, small huts. These small tents are made of wood, with stairs to avoid snakes and animals.
It is also an extremely important place for the Red Dao people, because it is not only a place to store products such as rice and corn, but also a resting place after hard working hours.

These are the mirrors reflecting the clear blue sky of autumn, the yellow of the ripe rice season or the afternoon fog board which are fascinating to visitors when coming here.
Like other places, the more a family has, the more prosperous it is. Each rice tent is associated with the story of each family, their identity, customs and customs

Tourism potential

The main tourist route in Sapa is Lao Chai – Ta Van – Thanh Phu – Nam Sai – Nam Cang – Ban Ho – Ta Van. However, Nam Cang village still has many potentialities that have not been fully exploited.
It is bathing the tobacco of the Red Dao people, they have the ability to go to the forest and look for good leaves for the body and health. But the investment is still spontaneous, not so methodical so they just stop at selling products so the economy has not developed strongly.
In addition, the type of accommodation and sleeping at people’s houses has not been well-invested compared to the scenery here.
And there are the beauty of people, culture and identity extremely rich. It is expected that every visitor will come here as part of the economic development in this upland commune.