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How to know more information about Sapa

Fansipan is the highest mountain in Vietnam, also the highest among the three Indochine countries, so it is dubbed the “Roof of Indochina” (3,143m), belong to Hoang Lien Son mountain. Fansipan is about 9km to the southwest of Sapa, bordering Lao Cai and Lai Chau Provinces of Northwestern Vietnam. According to the local language, the mountain is called “Hua Xi Pan”, it means giant stone protruding. Fansipan Peak s a rendezvous for climbers and those who love to touch the sky.

With a length of 280km from Phong Tho to Hoa Binh, the width of the foothills os about 75km, the narrowest is 45km. Hoang Lien Son mountains is consisting of three blocks: Bach Moc Luong Tu, Fansipan and Puluong blocks. This massive roof hides many strange things, but the strangest and most mysterious is Fansipan peak. At the foot of the mountain, there are many rice flower trees, jackfruit trees and conifer trees with quite thick density, creating places such as Coc Lei (Coc Gao), Coc San (Coc Mit), etc. From here to the highest place is 700m. There is the tropical belt with some dense primeval forest, tangled vines. From 700m to up is a gymnosperm layer like “Pomu trees”, which is very big trees, about 50 – 60m high, up to several hundred years old. Pomu trees is known as the gold mine of Lao Cai.

Coming to Sapa, visitors is not only admiring the idyllic moments of this upland town but also can participate in adventure activities, challenging their abilities such as conquering the peak of Fansipan. To overcome this challenge, you must be preparing mentally as well as luggage. There are some travel experiences to help you conquer this highest peak of Vietnam:

Pay attention to the weather

“Good weather” will determine the success of your trip. According to Sapa Travel experience, if on Sapa days with low temperatures, it is likely that you will encounter rain and fog, this will greatly affect your movement because Fansipan is a mountain with steep mountainous terrain.

The best time to climb the mountains

If climbing Fanxipang and it rains, the trip will be extremely difficult. The mountain road becomes slippery and cold, the sky id foggy so you cannot see the beautiful scenery. So absolutely must not go in the rainy season. The best time to go to Fanxipang is October and November, when the rain has ended and winter has not really come. Or February and March, when the weather is spring and the rainy season has not come. Climbing in the end of March, if you are lucky, you will also encounter azalea forests blooming, picturesque.

Choose an appropriate Sapa Climbing tour

There are many types of Fansipan conquest tour for professional climbers, people with good health, average or weak. From there, the journey can last from 1 to 4 days or more. If you are average health, you should choose a 3 – day tour in suitable, with 1 day up to station 2 to rest and day 3rd from station 2 to the foot of the mountain.

Do not forget that road down to the mountain is always harder than the road up to the mountain, because the steep mountains will make your legs sag, knees tremble, very easy to fall down. Time to get down the mountain should ensure early departure to get to a safe place, not through the mountains in the dark night.

Climbing itinerary:

The first morning you should eat enough, do not need to be too full but must be qualified, you should drink ginseng tea before leaving.

There should be a walking stick throughout the journey. Sticks often have a lot at the foot of the mountain. Left by the previous ones. This item is indispensable in your journey.

Each day should put one effervescent vitamin C tablet in a small bottle of mineral water to bring with you, taking sips occasionally.

Do not eat too salty because it will cause thirst, very tired for climbing.

Occasionally eat a piece of chocolate candy to boost energy.

When sleeping, it is necessary to put a blanket on the inside of the sleeping bag, apply hot oil to the soles of the feet and wear thick socks, wear a warm coat, gloves and a wool hat before entering the sleeping bag.

Hard-to-pass parts need to be calm and careful. Do not step up when not really feel secure and assured. Must be very careful. Take a deep breath throughout the journey to keep your strength.

At the top of the mountain, there is a telephone signal to call relatives and friends. You should bring your phone to share joy with relatives when standing on this Roof of Indochina. And finally, do not forget to bring your country flag to take a photo of, to capture an unforgettable moment when you reach your destination on the top of the mountain.

Currently, although there are restrictions on climbing to Fansipan Peak, visitors can get to the top by taking a cable car in the Sunworld Fansipan Legend entertaintment complex of Sun Group. Reaching the roof od Indochina has never been easier.