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More information about Genesis Regal Cruise – Halong Bay Cruises. Vietnam Premier Travel. Overnight on board, do kayaking, fishing, cooking class, swimming.

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Talk about the Genesis Regal cruise with many sophisticated designs. It was a ring with a napkin, an ornament on every Western table.
The original ring is just a small thing to distinguish each type of towels of many different families when being washed and dried. And it’s just simple-made iron skewers.

And gradually it became an indispensable decoration on the table, especially France. From the early years of the 18th century, bananas were used in particular by the elites across Europe..

And since then, the band rings have been made more sophisticated and elegant. It is usually made in sets of 4,6,8 or 12 pieces.
It is named after the homeowner or family member and is often used at Christmas parties or as a pair to give at weddings.

High quality brick material used on 5-star Genesis Regal Cruise

Also starting from France, the first bricks were born from here.
With the bright tiles that make you overwhelmed, the tiles will make the viewer feel cozy and ancient.
Around 1850, at Viviers – the gathering place of the first cement plants in France, engineers studied and produced a product made from the famous cement source here. It is a floor tile with a beautiful decorative pattern. The Genesis will bring guests to a luxurious but cozy space.