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How to know more information about Cambodia

As a small country, bordering the Gulf of Thailand, the northwest borders Thailand, the East borders Vietnam. With an estimate of 2019, the country has a total population of up to 16 million with the official language is Khmer.
The name Cambodia was born in 802 by King Jayavarman II to unify the Khmer princes of Chenla Kingdom fighting with each other.

In the post-Angkorian period, Cambodia was also known as Chan Lap, corresponding to the Nguyen Lords of Vietnam. But in fact, Chan Lap only existed from the 6th century and ended in the 11th century. And then the Angkor period with the Khmer empire lasted until the 15th century.

History begin

According to historical researchers, Funan (Funan) is an ancient kingdom, existing from the first century to the 7th century. This is a vast dominance in the southern part of the peninsula of Southeast Asia, including Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia.
However, the most brilliant development and also considered the first civilization appeared in the first century. Then from the 9th century to the end of the 13th century is Khmer civilization

The Khmer Rouge rule

During this period, the money was abolished, the people were self-sufficient, the laborers were in misery and the disease had killed more than 1.7 million ordinary people.

Ruling and leading from 1975 to the end of 1979 led by Pol Pot and took power. This is the darkest period of this country. With the support of China, the Khmer Rouge government turned Phnom Penh into a dead city.

y the end of 1978, because the people of Vietnam were killed and the army was not strong enough to destroy, the Vietnam Army helped. However, because the victory was too fast, this force was only disintegrated but not completely destroyed.
During 13 years of stationing here, Vietnamese army also suffered a lot of human damage. By 1989 when the Vietnamese army withdrew from the country, the United Nations supported elections to help the country restore its normal status.

The Kingdom of Cambodia was restored.

After the UN General Election was held in May 1993, factions, mainly the Cambodian People’s Party, the Royalist Party and Sam Rensi’s party, took four months to reach agreement. power division structure. In September 1993, a new National Assembly and Government were formed, with the core of FUNCIPEC and CPP. Parliament unanimously adopted the name of the Kingdom of Cambodia. The head of state is King Norodom Sihanuk. The first Prime Minister Norodom Ranarit (FUNCIPEC Party Chairman), the second Prime Minister is Hun Sen (Vice Chairman of the Cambodian People’s Party). The chairman of parliament is Chia Xim (CPP).