Lao Chai, Ta Van – The most beautiful village in Sapa

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Highlight of Lao Chai, Ta Van – The most beautiful village in Sapa

Coming to these two villages, about 50 minutes from Sapa or 30 minutes by motorbike. Mainly inhabited by the H’mong and Dao ethnic groups, they mainly rely on farming and taking forest leaves as medicine for bathing.
The fall comes gently, overflowing on each rice field of terraced fields.

Different from the bustle and noise in the market town of Sapa town, this place is early in the morning with white mist spreading all over the region. From the bushes or the forest trees in the distance or small houses nestled by the stream.
At midday when the sun hangs high, the whole area appears to be awake, sunny yellow, sparkling.
In the afternoon, visitors will find a strange and peaceful space, the sound of children calling each other home, the sound of buffalo and buffaloes racing to the cage. And the aroma from the kitchen smoke spread to the whole region will make the atmosphere become strangely warm and charming

How to come to the village

Coming from Sapa town, if visitors choose to walk down the village, there will be trails. Take a short cut through the fields, when low and high, weave along the path and lead into the village.
This will also be the most popular choice when visitors come here, because when walking will be watching many things. Maybe on the way to come across the ethnic people who are working in the field, they will be ready to guide you as a true farmer. Or do you have the courage to ride a buffalo, or do you want to go to the kitchen to cook with them?
It is probably interesting when visitors choose a night at the homestay, cook and chat with them.
Or move by car to the village, the wheel will turn the water, go along the Muong Hoa valley. To inhale the smell of weeds, the smell of rice on the field or the grandeur of the Hoang Lien Son mountain range right before your eyes.






What is the best season here?

It is not wrong when Sapa in ripe rice season in general or these two villages in particular. It is not uncommon for both villages to be classified in one of the villages with the most beautiful terraced fields.

Not only has the material value but the cultural and spiritual values are also extremely unique. With more than 100 H’mong households and 40 stilt houses gathered together in harmony to create warmth and peace.

Historical value

There are rocks deep in the ground, rudimentary brushstrokes. It is considered one of the oldest customs here, the custom of worshiping a stone god. Considered a place to protect the villagers from keeping, the warmth of every home and the health of everyone.

What is even more amazing when visitors come here is to feel warmth and warmth. Hospitality and always smiles on the lips from babies, old people to farmers. To lure visitors, need more nheieuf more investment in the local and state. For each people to be more prosperous, more prosperous.