Lan Ha Bay paradise forgotten

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How about Lan Ha bay paradise forgotten

First sightings

Hello and welcome, today we are taking you on a guide about Lan Ha Bay, ‘’The forgotten heavens of Vietnam”. Lan Ha Bay is located in the south of Ha Long Bay and in the east of Cat Ba Island. It includes 400 different islands from small to big with unique shapes to explore and has a acreage of 70 square kilometers.

Unlike Ha Long Bay, every island in Lan Ha Bay is covered in green plants, even the smallest. With all the islands and some sandy beaches under the mountains, Lan Ha Bay is truly a magnificent and wonderful work of art. Although Ha Lan bay is not very well-known but it is considered one of the most beautiful bays in Vietnam.

Times to visit

When it comes to Autumn is when Ha Lan Bay will show it’s true beauty with gentle sunlight and calm wind from the ocean, perfect for tourist to enjoy when taking a boat to explore the Bay.

Tourist can visit Lan Ha Bay in any time of the year due to its cool weather, but usually local tourist often come here between April to October and international tourist often come between November and March.

Recommended means of transport

From the center of Cat Ba, move to Ben Beo, buy your tickets and rent a boat to where you want to go. If you only want to go around the bay( Not far and close to shore) then  you should rent canoes from the locals.

Attractive places

Although Lan Ha Bay is adjacent to Ha Long Bay, it still has its own uniqueness different from Ha Long Bay. Here are some of the most attractive places there are in Lan Ha Bay:

  1. Luon Cave

It lies on Bo Hon Island, in front of the cave is ‘’The Turtle Stone’’ and to the right is ‘’The Sky Gate’’. Here, it is a steep cliff and the water is blue and calm like a shining mirror throughout the seasons. The cave always attract tourists not only by its unique shape but also the charming natural scenery.

  1. Nam Cat Island

Nam Cat Island attracts tourists by its primitive looks, charming natural sights and marine forest. You only have to have a 15-minute boat ride from Ben Beo.

Thanks to the primitive looks, the tourists coming here always have a peaceful feeling. The island has been greatly limited from human activities to secure its natural beauty.

With 3 stilt houses and 6 comforts, you’ll be one with nature and the ocean atmosphere. Also, the island has all there are to serve the tourist from beaches, kayaking, fishing to late night campfires.

  1. Monkey Island (Sandy Pineapple Island)

It usually takes tourists 10 minutes on a boat from Ben Beo through Cai Beo fishing village and some small islands. Before, Monkey Island was called Sandy Pineapple Island because there are wild pineapple plants with delicious-looking pineapples but not suitable for eating.

Now, it’s called Monkey Island, due to the 20 monkeys that the rangers from Cat Ba National Park brought here. The monkeys usually come down to play around with tourists and eat what the tourists give them such as fruits and pastries, surprising anyone that hasn’t been here before.

There are many more exciting things awaiting you at Lan Ha Bay, come down here and enjoy them yourself. Thank you for paying attention. Good bye.