Lan Ha Bay cruises hot trend 2019

Lan Ha Bay cruises hot trend 2019 – Halong Bay Cruises – Best price. Move on the highway, the journey is new, quiet and unspoiled. Belonging to Ha Long Bay complex with thousands of large and small rock islands, visiting Cat Ba Island

How is Lan Ha Bay cruises hot trend 2019.

Transfer on highway

The first highlight of this journey is moving on the Hanoi – Hai Phong highway. It only takes 2 hours to travel, so we will pick you up at 9pm at the hotel.
Instead of having to get up early, eat breakfast and check out, visitors will save an hour for personal or can wake up later without worrying about fatigue due to time difference.

Restrict tourists, focus on quality

Most people only know Ha Long Bay because it has been honored twice as a natural wonder of the new world. Therefore, tourists focus mainly on here. And also famous for its beautiful cave system, visitors gather here very much. And many people have not studied Lan Ha Bay in Hai Phong but have similar geological structure of Ha Long Bay.

And there are also thousands of small and beautiful stone islands like Ha Long Bay. And what is especially clear and clear sea water. Focusing on the market of customers who need relaxation, quiet and high quality. Lan Ha Bay meets the most stringent requirements and with such a small number of ships, Lan Ha Bay is the most ideal and quiet destination in 2019. Among them must be the high-end Genesis Regal cruise serve you with the journey to discover Lan Ha Bay.

Extend visit Cat Ba Island

Journey different is one of Lan Ha Bay cruises hot trend 2019. After discovering Lan Ha Bay by kayaking, swimming and enjoying delicious dishes from the sea, you will also have the opportunity to move to Cat Ba Island.
You will cycle around the island, enjoying the fresh air. Discover Cat Ba national forest, witness firsthand the rare animals and plants. Bike ride to Viet Hai fishing village, learn about the life of fishermen and enjoy fresh seafood dishes. And there are many interesting things waiting for you ahead. Or book a tour today to enjoy the incentives, good prices and many other itineraries such as Sapa, Northwestern Vietnam