Jade Sails cruise overview

Jade Sails cruise overview – Halong Bay cruises – Day tours – Vietnam Premier Travel. Do kayaking/Bamboo boat. Explore Lan Ha Bay, visit Dark & Light cave.

How to know Jade Sails cruise overview

Jade Sails is the first board to take visitors to explore Lan Ha Bay during the day. With special design, all floors have comfortable glass and wide vision.
Inspired by European style, the luxurious white sail stands out on the blue background of Lan Ha Bay.
The entire first floor is a restaurant with tables and chairs with European appearance, luxurious colors. The restaurant serves visitors the most delicious and satisfied dishes.

Hightlight of the cruise

Pick up at the old town or all hotels within a 10km radius, the car moves on the highway. It takes only 2 hours by car to arrive at Tuan Chau wharf, starting the journey to discover Ha Long Bay and Lan Ha Bay.
With the latest car quality, only 8 seats, creating the most comfortable feeling.
Enjoy cooking class and sunset party on the train. And visitors can also choose vegetarian dishes, halal food and special requirements.
Free kayaking, visits to the cave
Swim in the clear blue water, mingle with nature
Visit the oldest fishing villages on Lan Ha Bay.
Guests can use a private shuttle.

Journey different

We will leave at 7:30 am, after 2 hours driving on the highway.
Coming to Tuan Chau harbor, visitors will have a panoramic view of Ha Long Bay with many fancy stone islands, enjoying lunch on board with many delicious dishes from Vietnam and Europe.

In many articles there is talk about swimming in the winter weather in Vietnam. Ha Long and Lan Ha are no exception. Guests can prepare swimwear, large towels and still enjoy swimming in the deep blue water of Lan Ha Bay.

Lan Ha Bay with a total time of 7 hours will make visitors satisfied. Well-trained, fun and friendly staff will make visitors absolutely satisfied.