Information of Pha That Luang golden pagoda

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How to know Information of Pha That Luang golden pagoda

Coming to the country of Million Elephants, visitors will not be able to visit the famous Golden Temple here. With the shape of a unique wine jar, the exterior is inlaid with gold and extremely voluminous.

Making Laos an attractive destination in the journey to discover 3 Indochina countries including Vietnam and Cambodia.

History of the temple

In Lao, That means big, so just listening to our name can imagine the scale and grandeur of this temple.
Located in Vientiane capital of Laos, but extremely quiet and peaceful, people here often call the temple “Golden”. As a Buddhist work built under the reign of King Xat, it is a poetic and cultural symbol of this country.

Highligh of this pagoda

With magnificent golden steps, it is also a symbol of Buddhist enlightenment for each different period of Shakyamuni.
The lowest rank representing the physical world and the nothingness is the highest rank in this Golden temple.

As one of the oldest and largest pagodas, the tower has a 90m * 90m square base, 45m high, in the middle is a towering tower rising straight up.
The base is a stylized image of the lotus and its petals expand to the four sides. . As for the base is quite complex, associated with the steps of the square, the smaller and higher. Then bulges above into a large ledge slightly leaning out to make a stable foothold for the slender oval above. .

That Luang Tower is divided into two separate areas, the outer and the large stupa.
Outside are memorials, gardens, pagodas and statues of Buddha statues. The rest inside is the great tower for worship.


Every year, on the full moon days of December, the Buddhist calendar lasts for about a week and ends on the full moon day of December, the whole country fervently immerses into the atmosphere of the Luang Prabang festival.
People not only have fun but this time is also an opportunity for many businesses to promote local products and products to the visitors.