Hui Vietnam best things

Hui Vietnam best things – Hue City tour – Vietnam Premier Travel. As one of the cities located on the banks of the beautiful Perfume River, Hue is also the place to witness the Nguyen dynasty since flourishing to the point of decline. to be strangely and seductive.

How Hui Vietnam best things

As mentioned above, Hue is located along the Huong River so Hue always enjoys fresh and cool air. Take a walk around the two banks of the Perfume River, visitors will understand why people in Hue are always easy and pure as this line. This is also the Hui Vietnam best things

Visit the tombs 

Anyone who comes to Hue once wants to visit the tombs built in honor of the great emperors to the country.
Architectural and historical researchers will be amazed at the buildings and history.
Typical are Tomb of Tu Duc, Minh Mang Tomb and Khai Dinh Tomb.

To find out more about each king you are interested in, find a guide. They will give visitors a better understanding of the life and politics of each King

Tu Hieu Pagoda

As a temple built as a praise of the filial piety of a child after entering the Dynasty as a maid for the King. With the King’s favor, many fame and money, but he did not forget his roots, filial piety with his parents and brother, helping the poor.
Therefore, this temple was named Tu Hieu Pagoda. When you come here you can hear chanting throughout the day. Two towering pagodas were built in 1843.

Thien Mu Pagoda

Another temple is equally attractive to visitors that is Thien Mu Pagoda. And this temple is also a symbol of Hue.
Located on the top, the four sides are all facing out. The main facade faces Huong River.
In Thien Mu pagoda, there is a giant bronze bell and a stone turtle symbolizing the highness of the Buddha.