Hue destination must have to go

Hue destination must have to go – Hue City tour – Vietnam Premier Travel. Visit Lang Co Beach, Nguyen Royal Palace, Hai Van Pass.

Hue destination must have to go below:

Hue is a city witnessing the Nguyen dynasty since flourishing to decline. Therefore, in Hue, there are still rare historical values, people and landscapes attracting tourists from all directions

1. The population of the Nguyen kings

To Hue, the first thing visitors think about is the complex of tombs of Kings and Lord Nguyen. This is the place where the historical and cultural imprints and the self-harmony of the children of Hue

Gia Long Tomb

Started construction in 1814, after 6 years, it was completed under the direct guidance of Gia Long King. Another name is Thien Thu Lang.

Built on a flat hill, there are 34 flanking mountains around. A tomb with the most natural harmony among the tombs here.

Minh Mang Tomb

Located on Cam Khe mountain, 15km from Hue with more than 40 works such as palaces and castles. At Lang Hieu, more than 600 crossword carvings engraved poems on it.
Hieu Lang is also built with an understanding of strategic skills in building and maintaining the country.

Tu Duc Tomb

Considered to be the oldest theater in Vietnam, Tu Duc tomb is also called Khiem. In all architectural works, it is shown that Khiem is in it.

Khai Dinh Tomb

This is considered a unique Tomb, crystallizing European and Asian architecture with glass and porcelain formations.
Lang is located on a high hill, below it is a green river. The back rests against the strong mountain. The two sides of Mausoleum are statues of mandarins and soldiers.

Hue Citadel, Grand Citadel

This is where the government apparatus works. With over 140 buildings, the massive city gate has made Hue Citadel a tourist attraction.

Ngo Mon Gate

Built in 1833 under the reign of King Minh Mang, only for the King to go back or receive envoys.

Ngo Mon Gate is one of the most main gates in 4 gates, facing south.
On this station, there is Can Nguyen electricity. The two sides have two gates: Ta Doan Mon and Huu Doan Mon. By the year Minh Mang 14 (1833) when the Nguyen Dynasty reorganized the entire site of the Imperial Citadel, Nam Trinh Dai was completely dissolved to take place to build Ngo Mon Gate. In terms of etymology, Ngo Mon means the gate that builds its face toward Ngo. This direction, according to the conception of geomancy in the East, is in the South. The direction of Ngo Mon Gate as well as the entire Hue Citadel

Thai Hoa Palace

Thai Hoa Palace is the place where the great ceremonies take place from King Gia Long to King Bao Dai. Inside the main hall is the throne where the King comes here to test and preside over important ceremonies. Inside the electricity is a large yard which is a gathering place of mandarins and palace women.

National School of Hue

The school was built on the foundation of the Water Palace (where the training of waterway soldiers of the Nguyen dynasty army). In the southern bank of the Huong River, there were many talented and famous people at the school

Dong Ba Market

Speaking of Hue, they will think of Dong Ba market right away. And this is also considered a symbol of Hue. This is a place for people to shop around the area, there are many delicious dishes of Hue in the market. Examples include Filter Cake, Little Cake, Shrimp Cake

Phu Cam cone village

Every year the village of hats makes thousands of products. Serving life for everyone, and speaking to Hue, visitors often see pictures of girls wearing hats and long dresses.

Tam Giang Lagoon

With a length and area of up to 25 km, with a variety of fresh seafood. Picking up the sunset on Tam Giang Lagoon is also a fascinating experience.

The above is one of the things Hue destination must have to go.