How does Sapa attract tourists

How does Sapa attract tourists – Sapa trekking tours – Vietnam Premier. Do trekking to Cat Cat, Shin Chai Village, Lao Chai Ta Van. Sleep at the Homestay.

How does Sapa attract tourists? 

The weather in Sapa is very pleasant, during the day there is usually a mild sun, the chilly evening will be cold. Visitors can come to Sapa on all days of the year, fall in winter and summer with their own beauty.
In April and May, when the water is poured, the fields after harvesting are still inert, the people often remove the water for the next season.

From the beginning of September to the end of December is the season of ripe rice. Visitors to Sapa can feel the scent of new rice, of the fragrant smell of rice that is growing. Sapa seemed to be warmed up in the cold winter by the golden color of the giant rice carpet.
And in this season is also the season of flowering, the fruit of the apricot flowers, plum flowers to welcome the new spring

Sapa and destinations

Ham Rong Mountain is a place not to be missed when present in Sapa, from the foot of the mountain you will walk to the top of the mountain. Along the two sides of the road up the mountain are trees, and many different types of flowers, especially cherry blossoms. And here visitors can see the panorama of beautiful Sapa town from above.

Sapa stone church
Built by the French in the late 18th century with magnificent architecture and magnificent beauty. This is the place of prayer for the ethnic people here.

Sapa Market is a place to exchange and buy and sell local products. Beside that, Cho Sapa is also a place of cultural and technological exchange for the young men and women.
Coming to Sapa market, visitors can find their favorite things like brocade towels, bags or mouth-watering dishes that only exist in Sapa.

Cat Cat village is a 15-minute walk from Sapa town center. Is the version of the H”mong people who have long been cultivated with many beautiful flowers. Famously beautiful and many flowers must be mentioned are roses and yellow radish.

Ta Van village is a village located 8 km from Sapa, with many beautiful terraces. It is a beautiful, terraced village, with a golden color like pulling away from the horizon.

This is a highlight in How Sapa attract tourists

Ta Phin village is the most beautiful place in the villages with the most beautiful terraced fields. And this contained in it the ancient rocks with many strange motifs.

Shin Chai village is the first place to bring visitors here. But it still retains its wild character and traditional beauty.

Belonging to San Sa Ho district in addition to growing corn and rice, the people here also have more trade in cardamom.

Phanxipang is a high mountain peak over 3143m above sea level. It is considered the most beautiful place to see the whole sky of flying clouds.
Previously, visitors who wanted to climb to the top had to walk for at least 2 days. However, the cable car has been put into use, enabling visitors more time to explore