Hoian – the most attractive destination in Central Vietnam

Hoian – the most attractive destination in Central Vietnam – Vietnam Premier Travel – Hoian An Tour Package – The Central of Vietnam Tours

Highlight of Hoian – the most attractive destination in Central Vietnam

Discover the city as you walk through small paths, home to mossy, quaint houses.
Visit the Japanese Bridge, which is the symbolic bridge of Hoian’s earliest international trade and relations.
Understand Hoian’s history of establishment and development, try street food. See the city at night sparkling in colorful lanterns.

The history

Cross many cities to become the most attractive city, the most amazing destination in the world.
Hoian converged in his heart the simplicity and simplicity, not as flashy as Hong Kong, bustling like Chiang Mai. An old, almost intactly preserved old quarter of the newly established city, gently on the peaceful Thu Bon river all year round.
30km from Da Nang city, 30 minutes from the airport is also a next advantage

In the past, Hoian was a busy trading port and a seaport near the city. As a guide for ships to transport goods, and now is a place to store thousands of unique historical and cultural relics. With a lot of old houses in the neighborhood arranged in a chessboard style, often short and narrow, winding along the vertical, hugging each other close.

Daily life

It is still cyclo trips, sometimes carrying tourists, sometimes carrying goods, street vendors and wholesale shops close by. However, visitors will not come across the bustling and bustling business scene but instead are peaceful, rustic and hospitable as the land and people here.

Down the Hoai River, about 3km from the center is a village next to the nipa palm forest. The reason for the name Seven Mau Coconut Forest, it is just the name they call after its original area. Today this forest covers up to 100 hectares but they still want to call it by that name.

Coming here, visitors not only experience the nan boat ride into the creeks and also enjoy coconut water or copra. And also learn to make decorations with coconut leaves, hats, caps or bags and many other items.

Attractive destinations

Having the advantage of being located near the seaport, this is also one of the areas of Vietnam with many beautiful resorts and beaches.
The next advantage is that this area is less affected by cold air so it can swim all year round. And snorkeling to see the coral at Cham Island is the best.