Hoian manything to do

Hoian manything to do – Vietnam Packages Tours – Vietnam Premier Travel. 2 hours drive from Danang, Hoian with enough delicious food and many places to visit tourists.

Hoian manything to do as following: 

Hoian at night

Hoian night shimmering night by the lights hailing from the shop line or in small restaurants, especially on the full moon day, the lunar calendar.
The black flowers posted under each small wave of Hoai River. The colors of the yellow and purple red ax of the lights make the whole river glide

Hoain delicious street food

Walking around Hoian old town at night du kahchs will easily choose for you delicious street food. Around the Japanese Covered Bridge area or along the two sides of Hoai River with many dishes such as Cao Lau, Mi Quang, Com Ga, etc.

To enjoy all the delicacies at Hoian, visitors should ask the price first, find shops that have many locals to eat, it will be delicious shops.

Go to Hoian night market

This is considered a highlight in Hoian manything to do. Cycle through peaceful and moss-covered small streets, houses adorned with flowering Paper Flowers. Or just billboards with brown, golden letters also exude Hoian’s ancient beauty

Ride a boat in Hoai River

To Hoian, almost every tourist wants to experience sailing on the Hoai River. With only 20,000 VND tourists will be able to light their own paper lanterns, float on the river to see their hearts softer and more relaxed.

Relaxing on the beach

Hoian is one of the most beautiful cities in Vietnam. Long, white and sandy beach is the ideal place for visitors to Hoian for a vacation

Cua Dai and An Bang are among the beaches tourists should come here. From the old town of Hoian, just take a bike or get the Electrolic car to enjoy the green space, away from the dust of the city.

Arriving at Cua Dai beach, visitors have many options such as diving and watching coral, tasting delicious dishes from the sea such as steamed squid, Hai Sam porridge, salted shrimp, etc.
An Bang beach is about 5km from Hoian, this beach will be less people. The long, gentle beach will make you surprised and immersed in this green space.

Cycling to the village

It is one of the exciting experiences when cycling on the countryside outside Hoian. Tourists will see firsthand the simple life, peaceful setting and experience as a farmer