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How to know Hoian information from A to Z

Why is it called “Hoi An Ancient Town” because it is the city that used to be the busiest trading port in Southeast Asia. And this place was once inhabited by merchants from many countries in the region.
And of course they brought with them both their customs and culture. They stick with this neighborhood and live permanently, so Hoian still retains that unique trait. There are Chinatown, the Japanese neighborhood is shown through the architecture. These are Fujian Society, Japanese Covered Bridge, Mossy Old Quarter, etc.

Panoramic view of this old town

865km south of Hanoi, in the central province and the central area along the North – South axis. There is a connection and intersection between the two regions so this small city in general has a very unique culture, rich in cultural identity.
Is the city almost devastated by two wars against the Cannon and the United States. Therefore, the architecture of the city is preserved almost intact.
And UNESCO has recognized Hoian as an intangible heritage of the world, visitors come here more and more.

The climate here is mainly in two seasons, from February to the end of August is the dry season, the remaining months are the rainy season. However, due to being located deep in the Central and Near South Central region, Hoi An is sometimes affected by the Northern winter.
The average temperature is about 25.4 degrees Celsius, in the winter sometimes down to 20 degrees Celsius.
Due to its proximity to the sea, the rainy season, Hoian is also greatly affected. Therefore, the peak tourist season here usually takes place in February to April.

Because it is located in an area connecting the North and the South of Vietnam, getting here is extremely easy.
Fly to Danang International Airport, take a taxi for about 15 minutes to be present. Or use public transportation or travel by motorbike.


Attractive destinations

Hoi An Bridge Pagoda, swinging through Hoai River flowing through the city is a national-level cultural and historical relic. Is the only historic bridge with the origin of the land of the rising sun – Japan.
Built in the 17th century, the two ends of the bridge have a wooden animal statue, a dog head statue. The bridge has a Vietnamese style with two sharply curved roofs like the architecture of temples in the North. That’s why it is called Cau Pagoda.

Hội An về đêm và câu chuyện của những chiếc đèn lồng

Lantern street, everyone who comes to Hoian tries to buy himself a lantern, big or small. There is a long street selling lanterns, from table to hanging or many other categories. It is not known whether the lanterns here are made by honest people Hoian or this land has made the lanterns to have a position and beauty unmistakable elsewhere.

And when night falls, the whole neighborhood becomes shimmering and colorful. Go down the street and walk in the small streets, on each attic is a different type of lights and colors. It is an unforgettable experience when coming to Hoian old town.



Tra Que vegetable village

Only 2km from the center of the old town, located between the Tra Que River and De Vong lagoon. It is this advantage that the village has its own unique flavor of vegetables. The vegetables here seem to be watered by the Tra Que River and fertilized by seaweed picked up by the river so it becomes so special.
Coming to Tra Que vegetable village, visitors will become a real farmer. When they were wearing hats, bucket of water buckets and skillfully watered the twigs. And hand-pick the freshest, tastiest spice plants and taste your own food through this village’s cooking class.


Cu Lao Cham is also one of the most attractive destinations among Hoian information from A to Z that we bring to visitors.
Only 15km from Dai Dai beach, visitors will come here to enjoy the refreshing moments such as snorkeling to watch corals, swimming, bathing on the white and soft sand beaches.
The flora and fauna here is extremely rich, abundant natural resources such as bird’s nest, fresh seafood, etc.

Diverse and rich cuisine

Quang noodle soup, As a famous dish in this country, it has become an indispensable dish whenever someone comes here.
Like noodles, pho in the North, My Quang also has its very own flavor. The ingredients for this dish are extremely popular including noodles made from rice, shrimp, pork, chicken, and rice paper. And what makes the flavor of this dish indispensable is the aromatic vegetable taken from Tra Que vegetable village. It all blends and makes people enjoy it.

Cao Lau Hoi An, many people mistakenly think this is noodles but actually not noodles. The essence of the main dish is in high floor fibers, specially processed elaborately. When eating, there is a feeling of crispy crispy texture of the high floor with the cool sweetness of raw vegetables, spicy, salty and soya sauce and grease melt in the mouth extremely perfect.

Ba Buoi chicken rice, this is a famous brand extremely familiar to the people of Hoi An. If you want to enjoy this dish, Mrs. Buoi chicken rice is the number one choice, then you can enjoy other delicious dishes.