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Highlight of Ho Chi Minh city more information

Before 1975, Ho Chi Minh City was called Saigon and until now they still called the city with such a friendly name.
With just over 300 years of establishment and development, the young city is dynamic and also known as a miniature Paris of Indochina region. As a city with the intersection between the new and the old, new here is the development of infrastructure and facilities. Old here are the corners of the street that still have time stamps, are Ben Thanh market, the Chinese neighborhoods or the routine of people. All of these things have made this city even more incredible

he city does not seem to sleep, busy day and night with traffic and crowded crowds. Most tourists from all four directions flock here, especially in District 1 before radiating to nearby areas.

Where to stay in there?

District 1 is the central district of all activities, so this can also be called the center. With hundreds of hotels and different types of guest rooms, guests are welcome to choose from.
And also here, many entertainment such as Nguyen Hue walking street has many delicious street food. Or visitors can rent a motorbike, explore this dynamic city alone.

The area around Ben Thanh market, although a bit noisy of the market town, is extremely interesting. Visitors can wake up early or sleep late to see the bustle of sellers and buyers. The variety and colorful of the market have attracted many visitors to choose to stay here.

Where to go and what to do?

Visit Cu Chi Tunnels
Built in the 1960s during the war with the US military. Also known as the inner city like hospitals, clinics, markets and many places to sleep.
And this is also considered a shelter for soldiers operating in the intelligence network of the Viet Minh army.
With plenty of air vents, the Cu Chi parish is well-lit and can stay for a long time in this town.
Today, a part of this monument has been opened to visitors to visit and learn about the lives of the people before.

Visit Mekong Delta on a bamboo boat

Originating from many countries and pouring into Vietnam along 9 branches and finally merging before pouring into the sea. The vast Mekong River carries a large amount of alluvial deposits to the western provinces. That is why this place has a good four-season fruit tree, and it is also a rice bowl of Vietnam that plays a major role in exporting rice to the world.
One day come here to witness the bustle on the banks below the pier, the boats are full of fruit and many specialties of this land.
Besides, there are many activities such as cycling around the village to enjoy and enjoy delicious coconut candies made by their own hands.

Take a day city tour

Visitors will visit the Independence Palace, which witnessed the change of regime and the declaration of independence of the entire nation of Vietnam.
One day visit the Notre Dame Cathedral in the heart of the city to see the quintessence of architecture. A blend of European and Asian architecture, perfection in every detail.
Visit the city Post Office, where you want to convey your feelings through the handwritten letters that the writer will inspire you to write on the pages.