Highlight of Hanoi street foods tour

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How to know highlight of Hanoi street foods tour

Hanoi has been knowm as a culinary paradise with streetfoods and that has become a brand for a long time. Here is a list of famous cheap and delicious street food in Hanoi:

Meet skewers

Hanoi grilled meat has been in the list of delicious streetfood. not only the children but also adults, especially students, are very excited about it and cannot refuse. Skewers of grilled meat in Hanoi has a delicious, rich flavor of each piece of meat inside it. That’s why grilled skewers always is the name mentioned and remembered in the heart of Hanoi People. In the cold and windy days of Hanoi, we have some grilled skewers is the best.

Banh chuoi ran, banh khoai ran” – Banana cake, fried potatoes cake

Referring to the delicious and cheap streetfood in Hanoi, we cannot forget to mention about banana cake and fried potatoes cake. It is not difficult to find this food in Hanoi’s sidewalk restaurants. Only from 5000 VND, you can enjoy their delicious cakes. When we enjoy it, we should mix with some spicy chili sause to have the best feeling.

Banh ran” – Doughnut

Doughnut is a familiar cake of Vietnamese people from long time ago. There are 2 flavors to choose: sweet bean paste doughnut and meat doughnut. With sweet ones, there is often has bean filling with a honeyed outer shell or sugal. A sweet doughnut is about 4000 – 5000 VND. Another flavor is meat doughnut, which has an average price of about 4000 VND. It makes from meat, vermicelli, mushroom and served with dipping sauce. This is also a very popular cake in Hanoi.

Banh gio” – pyramidal rice dumpling cake

Hanoi pyramidal rice dumpling cakes is a food that many Hanoians choose as a quick meal in the breakfast. A delicious pyramidal rice dumpling cake surrounded by a smooth banana leaf layer, the meat is fragrant with pepper smell, dry onions and crispy atrial wood, ery suitable for many people’s taste. When eating it, you should sprinkle a bit more chili sauce, the dish will be really taste. The price is around 7000 – 10 000 VND for 1 cake.

Pillow Cake

Pillow cake is an indispensable dish of junk food lovers, a specialty of Hanoi. If you want to eat the delicious pillow cake, you have to find the right place. The pillow cake is molded to the handle, the fillings of the cake are made of mushrooms, pork meat, vermicelli mix together to create an aromatic and greasy flavor. The pillow cake served with a bowl of sweet and sour fish sauce, papaya salad and raw vegetables , all make a delicious pillow cake. Probably of this, Hanoi pillow cakes has a particular trait that everyone – who came Hanoi, always miss the very unique flavor