Hanoi Foodtours and delicious soup dishes

Hanoi Foodtours and delicious soup dishes – Hanoi Foodtours – Vietnam Premier Travel. Visit Hanoi french old quarter, eat as much as you can.

Where to know Hanoi Foodtours and delicious soup dishes?

Speaking of the delicious soup, it is impossible not to mention dishes such as beef noodle soup, chicken noodle soup, vermicelli noodles, bamboo vermicelli noodles or vermicelli noodles. And where to eat is also an interesting suggestion for travelers who want to enjoy.


From the North and the South, visitors can enjoy the hot and delicious pho bowls. However, Pho Hanoi has a special flavor because of the bread, vegetables and broth.

Pho can be eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner. A bowl of pho in the right position with the broth, well cooked for hours, must be clear and greasy. The herb is moderately sliced with the typical aroma of basil, the pungent aroma of green onion. And the large pieces of beef are thinly sliced or chicken is cut all hand, yellow skin, greasy.
And the special thing before eating a round bowl of pho is that it is a little lemon juice, a little pepper sprinkled evenly. All combine to form a delicious and unforgettable Pho bowl.

Bun Bo

Bun Bo originated from Hue, and when present in Hanoi it is not changed. Strong sweetness from bone broth, pork leg pieces are cut to large size, ā along with sliced bananas.
Adding to the bowl of Bun Bo Hue is a marjoram, with a piece of boiled blood, eaten slightly during the period that Bun Bo Hue could not be mixed with any soup.

Bun Rieu with soup is made from crab meat after being carefully prepared. Along with it, tomatoes, wine and chopped onions and non-aromatic, all together to form a pot of broth, greasy and sparkling.
Served with rice vermicelli, including finely chopped spice vegetables and sliced banana flower. And enough visitors should eat with fried chili to create a spicy, aromatic, not as harsh as fresh peppers.

In Hanoi Foodtours and delicious soup dishes, visitors will enjoy this super delicious Bun Rieu.

Bun Moc is a folk dish originating from Hanoi. Growing up to eat with noodles is also done in a very meticulous way.
The meat is finely ground, with atrium, shiitake mushrooms, grilled onions and a little fish sauce.
And the seasoning is along the mosquito net, the sliced banana flower, a little chili garlic vinegar makes an unforgettable food.

The name vermicelli sprouting comes from the ingredients of a vermicelli, called the spring roll. Noodles are made from rice flour which is not any other flour that makes users not too bored but also interested in the next times they eat. The main ingredients of sprouting vermicelli are raw rolls, young ribs, minced lean meat, mushrooms, cinnamon rolls that create an elegant sweetness but are not easily faded away but penetrate into the center of your throat. making it hard for travelers to forget the taste of this Vietnamese brand!

Bun Cha is a dish that the US president has chosen when visiting Vietnam. This is a rustic but still delicious food and is often eaten for breakfast and dinner.

This dish is taken to many countries around the world because of its freshness.
A bun cha consists of fish sauce that is seasoned to taste, and the noodles made during the day are still hot. And each piece of meat is carefully selected, sliced to taste, marinated with grilled onions, fish sauce, salt and grilled on charcoal.
The dish is still hot, greasy aroma of spices to eat with herbs.