Halong Bay overview

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How to know Halong Bay overview

A part of Quang Ninh Province, Ha Long City embraces the UNESCO world heritage. And is the annual destination of millions of international visitors coming here and relaxing and relaxing.

Including 1960s, large and small islands, mostly limestone, with 500 million years of geological tectonics, have created the unique tomb of Ha Long Bay in the world.
Biodiversity includes tropical evergreen ecosystems, coastal and oceanic ecosystems. It is also home to 14 endemic flower species and 60 different endemic animal species.

Signs of the existence of mankind tens of thousands of years ago, cultures followed one another. As a place to mark important events in the history of Vietnam, many artifacts were found at Bai Tho Mountain, Dau Tu Bi and Bai Chien Mountains.

Highligh of the bay

With over 1600 monolithic islands, dense vegetation grows from the ocean. Some empty islands, also known as caves, are typically Dau Go Cave, Thien Cung and Sung Sot Cave.
In the 19th century, the French came here and named these caves. And some islands have small beaches with fine white sand suitable for beach activities.

And there are also long-standing fishing villages on the Bay, we can mention the fishing village of Cua Van, Ba Hang, etc. They live from generation to generation by fishing and aquaculture.

Almost all these islands are as individual towers in a classic fenglin landscape with heights from 50–100 meters (160–330 ft), and height / width ratios of up to about six ..
Ga Choi Island, Lu Huong Island, Frog Island,Roof Island, etc. … And most of them stand alone, there is no certain percentage.

Noble awards 

For the first time designated by the Ministry of Sports and Tourism as one of the key points for tourism exploitation in 1962. In 1994 it was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage list. In 2000 the World Heritage Committee additionally recognised.